Sex Positions When You're Different Sizes

sex positionsI don't want to go into too much detail, but I'm 5'4", and my husband is 6'5". His height is great for reaching the pots I stack way up high on the ledge of the kitchen cabinets. For reaching other heights, sometimes there are challenges.

Here is a guide for getting it on when you and he are different shapes and sizes. Even if you and your man are an exact fit, you can still use these 5 sex positions for inspiration.


From The Little Bit Naughty Book of Sex Positions, here are some to try tonight.

When the woman's too short:

Try the Carry On. He should sit up on his knees, and she should lower herself onto him while facing him. As she does, she should wrap her legs around his waist and put her arms around his neck. He can slowly stand up for extra fun.

When he's too short:

Try the Y. She should lie on her side facing him with one leg in the air and the other on the bed. Prop ping herself up on one arm, her body in a Y Shape, he should straddle her lower leg while her lifted leg rests on his shoulder. He can penetrate from the side.

When he's too tall:

Try the Table Top. She lies on a flat surface like a table with her legs in the air. He leans against her legs, supporting her and holding her feet together as he penetrates her.

When he's plump:

Try the Big L. She lies on her side with hr legs at a 90-degree angle to her torso, making an L shape. He kneels on the bed, hips aligned with hers. If he wants to, he can put his hands on her hips to stay steady. She parts her legs slightly to allow penetration, and then she squeezes her legs together to give his penis a massage as he thrusts. Crossing her legs at the knee or ankle can make it easier.

When she's plump:

Try the Quickie. She sits on a surface about the same height as his pelvis and wraps her legs around his back. She pulls her skirt up and pushs her panties to the side while he unzips.

Have a favorite position? Please share.

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