Britney Spears Says Her You-Know-What Is Hanging Out

Britney Spears, pussy hanging outThis is a female anatomy question for you.

At her concert in Tampa, Florida, on Sunday night, Britney Spears looked down at her costume and said, "My BLEEP is hanging out."

She really said that.

Would you ever call your female nether region that word like Britney Spears does here? I personally would not. I personally do not.

The only time I use that word is in reference to my cat.


What names do you call your privates? I tend to go for the anatomically correct version. I say vagina, and I teach my preschoolers to use the word vagina. We don't say hoo-ha, petal or flower around here.

I don't care for pet names, and I would be offended if my husband used Britney Spears' word for my girl part.

But then again, maybe I need to unbutton my freshly ironed crisp white button-down shirt.

What do you call your vagina? And do you think Britney should've said that onstage?

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