Two Junior High Teachers Sleep with Boy

Bountiful Junior High School

Bountiful Junior High School

Update: My former babysitter and now very close friend went to this school. Her little brothers still attend. They say everyone is sad and totally shocked about this story.

Two Bountiful Junior High School teachers are accused of sexually assaulting the same 13-year-old student. Separately, the teachers exchanged sexual text messages, had phone sex and had sex with a child in Bountiful, Utah.

The teachers are Linda R. Nef, 46, a state history teacher and cheerleading adviser and Valynne Bowers, 39, a math teacher. Until recently, the two did not know about each other's relationship with the same boy.

Two junior high teachers had sex with the same student?

What a perverted love triangle. It's scary--and shocking--for such emotionally deranged women to be teachers in our public school system.


Late on Thursday, Nef admitted to having sex with the boy for more than a year. Bowers relationship with him began last December.

Both women are charged with first-degree felonies of rape and sodomy.

Bountiful parents were shocked and in disbelief. I would be too. Teachers are people we trust not to be deranged around our children.

How do you feel about these two teachers allegedly having sex with their male student? I think they're pedophiles just like men who rape 13-year-old girls and should be punished to the full extent of the law.

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