Women Get Aroused As Quickly As Men

Photo from YouTube

My husband likes to joke: “Wanna get a man horny? Just say hello.” Then he adds, “A woman? Free up your calendar because it will take 10 years.” After I kick him, I open my laptop to show the latest research. Canadian experts hooked both sexes up to fancy machines, and they figured out who got hot first when watching racy videos. Men were sexually aroused within 665 seconds. Women took 743. That’s a difference of one minute and 18 seconds—hardly a decade.


Why do we have this reputation? Sex expert Laura Berman, M.D., says, “Girls discover self-pleasure later than boys, and we don’t practice it as much.” But we get to know ourselves better with age. After all, many CafeMoms know what they like, just check out the Sex Tips Group.

Meanwhile, my husband gets mopey. “If it takes you more than 12 and a half minutes to get turned on, then I’m not doing it right?” I tell him not to worry, but I need to speak up and show him what I like more. Sex therapist Ian Kerner, Ph.D., adds that if we can’t say it, we should guide his hands to the right spots when we’re in the act.

My husband likes this idea. “Let’s go practice,” he says.

How long does it take you to get all hot and bothered?

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