Have More Sex, Fight Less

fight less, sex moreAn episode on Dr. Phil last week was about how to have more sex and fight less. I know the only fight I want to have with my husband involves a pillow.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach was giving advice. He's the host of TLC's Shalom in the Home and author of The Kosher Sutra: Eight Sacred Secrets for Reigniting Desire and Restoring Passion for Life.

Together, they helped couples learn how to fight less and have more sex.


Here are a few key points from the show:

  • Do something different, and stop attacking each other.
  • Wake up every day and ask yourself this one question, "What can I do today to put sex back in this marriage?"
  • Realize that being angry makes you tired, and being tired isn't erotic. Try not to be angry about little things and channel that anger into more positive outlets like exercise.

And here are Dr. Phil's top 5 health benefits of sex:

  1. Relieves stress 
  2. Boosts immunity
  3. Burns calories
  4. Improves cardiovascular health
  5. Boosts self-esteem

Would you like to fuss less and get it on more? I definitely would.

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