When Do You Make Time for Sex?

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have time for sex.

My husband works night, so he's in bed while I'm feeding the kids dinner. We make the best of our schedules most of the time, but it's not so great for our sex life.

Lots of CafeMoms have similar situations. Some of our partners work away from home, like semiwife's hubby who is a truck driver. Other moms work nights, while their honeys work days. Still others are on the same schedule but between work, kids, the dog and Facebook, there's just no time for nooky.


Here are some tips from Dr. Laura Berman from her book, Real Sex for Real Women.

  • We think we can do it all. Sometimes it's hard to relax because we're packing lunches, answering emails, or writing mental to-do lists. We have to figure out how to relax to get into the right mood. This may take a little time each day--or at least each day you'd like to have sex.
  • Put sex on your to do list. Really. And then do it first. If you're the kind of person who likes to make lists (my hand is raised, I'm a list addict), you're more likely to have sex if it's in your head and your plans.
  • Sleep more. When you feel more rested, you feel less stressed and more sexy.
  • Make more time for yourself. This isn't easy, but it's crucial. If you feel rejuvenated, you also feel more frisky. Exercise is most helpful. A brisk walk, even digging in the garden will get your heart pumping and your hormones flowing. Take a few minutes each day to breathe deeply and quiet your mind. These are surprising ways that make you want to do it more.
  • Stop waiting for things to be perfect. It's not the most romantic idea to have a quickie in the bathroom while the kids are watching Wonder Pets. But hey, sometimes it happens.

So how do you get yourself in the mood? And when do you manage to make time for sex?

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