Period Sex: Yes or No?

period sexThis isn't the most discreet topic, but it is really important. A lot of us wonder about having sex during our periods.

Is it okay to have sex when you're menstruating? Do you do it?


Of course it is safe, sex expert Lou Paget reassures us in a Q&A from Redbook. She says sex at menstruation time can actually be good for us. First, women have increased lubrication that can make things more slippery, and second, orgasms can help relieve cramps.

But the issue is more complicated than that. Some men and women just can't do it because the sight of blood makes them squeamish. Sex during your period can also be messy.

One solution is to try the Instead Soft Cup--I wrote about it last fall--which is another way to deal with your period, just like a pad or tampon. Only the Instead Soft Cup covers your cervix, keeping blood contained up there for 4 to 8 hours while you go about your day. Some women use it for sex during that time of the month. Others just use a towel and go for it.

CafeMoms have had long discussions on this topic. Check out the Do You Have Sex When You're on Your Period in the Answers: Relationship section.

What do you think? Sex on your period or not?

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