The Bachelor: Who Jason Chose & 3 Tips for Heartbreak

Whoa! We all know that love and sex are complicated and strange. The Bachelor last night was more proof that all is fair--and complicated--in love.

The bachelor, Jason Mesnick, gave us the drama when he chose...

[Spoiler warning]


Both women. First Jason chose Melissa Rycroft over Molly Malaney. But on the follow-up show, The Bachelor: After the Final Rose, Jason, a handsome father of one young son, revealed that he had second thoughts. "I haven't been able to stop thinking about Molly," he said.

He broke up with Melissa on air, and she stormed off the set, understandably. Molly showed up next, and she gave him a second chance.


Did you see it? Where you shocked? Mad? Happy? The group Bachelor Fanatics had a lot to say about last night's episodes.

I'm all for a good love triangle, but this one was way real. I felt badly for Melissa, a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. Breakups are hard enough, but such a public spectacle would be so humiliating. This also reminds me of love complications of my past. I have had trouble choosing between guys before (way before I met my DH). And men have certainly dumped me in the past for other women. Have you ever been in these situations?

Or for any of us who go through heartbreak, here is some advice on healing a broken heart from Dr. Phil. I know he's annoying, but his book Relationship Rescue helped me through a difficult time a few years ago.

3 tips for Healing a Broken Heart:

  1. Don't try to be friends right away.
  2. Try not to do things that will embarrass you later--harsh words or driving past his house, for example.
  3. Let yourself really grieve, and know it's okay and healthy to be sad for awhile.

But about The Bachelor: Whoa. Again.

What did you think? Did you feel badly about Melissa's broken heart, too? Or were you happy that Molly will get her turn?

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