Passion Party Momma Makes Money, Helps Moms Have Better Sex

Passion Party

Guests playing Passion Position Charades at Heather's last party.

Many CafeMoms work from home, or want to work from home. Most CafeMoms are also looking for ways to have better sex.

Bea0400, AKA Heather Dome, does both. This mother of 3 is a successful Passion Party consultant. She's also the group owner of Passion Parties.

She invites women come to her house for fun games and great sex tips. Afterward, her friends can buy sensual toys if their hearts desire. Bea0400 tells me her parties are a blast.

With sex toys like the Tempting Tulip around, I have a feeling she's right.


Cafe Kristen: Why did you want to work for Passion Parties?

Heather Dome: I wanted to make money! My husband, who serves in the US Navy, and I have been saving up to buy our first home, and I needed a way to make money that didn’t involve paying for daycare. So when some of my friends brought up getting together and doing one of “those” parties I thought. 'I can do that!' We couldn’t find a consultant in our area so I got serious about starting my own toy biz and doing the party myself. After doing some research, I decided Passion Parties was what suited me best, and I signed up.
CK: How long have you been doing it?

HD: Almost two years.

CK: What's your favorite part of your business?

HD: Knowing that I am empowering women to take control in their sex lives. It doesn’t matter how thin or fluffy or how small or tall you are, there is a diva inside every woman, so LET HER OUT!
CK:  What are your favorite sex toys?

HD: Oooo, there are so many! Our Tasty Temptation Massage Candle, we have both strawberry and cherry flavors. Our Fun and Risque set which includes a blindfold, feather teaser, and bondage tape. The scent of the candle makes the room smell delicious, but what is really awesome about the candle is that it melts down into a warm massage oil. I tell my clients to blindfold and tease him about using hot wax get his heart rate going a little, and then pour it on him! He will be expecting the hot wax but will get a pleasant surprise when it’s not hot, and you follow it up with a rub down. Then switch places and let him rub you down. Better yet, the candles are edible so you can lick as you rub!
CK: Do you have tips for making sex extra special?

HD: Make time for foreplay. Foreplay seems to fade super fast in relationships. You are lucky if you get a five-minute quickie in the bathroom while the kids are watching Spongebob. Moreover, without a little foreplay, the whole sex scene is over before it gets a chance to start. Take the time to re-explore each other this weekend! You won't regret it!

Have you been to a Passion Party? Are they fun?

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