Octuplet Mom Nadya Suleman: Is He the Baby Daddy?

This morning on Good Morning America, a man says he may be the father of the octuplets. He used to date Suleman, and says Suleman brought him to the clinic to donate sperm 3 times. This is the same clinic Nadya Suleman used to receive her controversial in vitro fertilization.

This man says he is willing to help the mother of 14.

In case you missed this story--and unfortunately, this is a train wreck most of us can't stop watching--below is a video about Suleman's money problems from The Today Show.


The alleged baby daddy says he believes Suleman was still married when she took him to the clinic. Suleman says he is not the biological father.

Last week, we learned Suleman could lose her home because the family hasn't made their mortgage payments since last May. Also, the fertility doctor, Michael Kamrava, is having problems. Some of his credentials might be false, and some websites have even reported a romantic link between Kamrava and Suleman, but that rumor could be total silliness.

Is it just me or does this story sound more and more like an episode of The Guiding Light? Unfortunately this is real life for 14 children.

Are you getting tired of this sad, sensationalized story? Do you believe this man is the baby daddy?

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