Vatican Says Men & Women Sin Differently

Vatican, CatholicIf you believe in sinning and all of that--and I do believe that watching Regis & Kelly is a sin--the Catholic church has some interesting information for you.

According to a recent survey straight from the Vatican, the most common sin for women is pride.

The most common sin for men is the urge for sex.

Is this true? Or do you think this is bunk from the Highest Order?


The report is based on a study of confessions made to Friar Roberto Busa, a 95-year-old Jesuit scholar.

Women's other dangerous sins include envy, anger, lust and sloth. I guess this means it's bad to sit on the couch while wishing for a new MacBook, lusting for His Hotness Matthew Fox and yelling at my puppy for piddling on the floor.

Seriously, Catholics are supposed to confess their sins to a priest at least once a year, and the priest can absolve them in God's name.

And just FYI: The 7 deadly sins are pride, envy, gluttony, lust, anger, greed and sloth. I'm kind of surprised I'm still alive.

The report is a result of the Vatican taking a closer look at confessions--which fewer and fewer Catholics are doing.

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What do you think about this report? Do you believe in sins? Do you feel guilty about any of the above sins?

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