5 Things Women Should Know About Sex

sexKnow everything about sex?

Me too.

But I still enjoyed this article, 27 Things Every Woman Should Know About Sex over at Redbook.

Here are my 5 favorites from the piece:


Every woman has a surefire sex position. Is there a position or move that always equals orgasm for you? Do it. Do it often. If you find a new move, do that one, too.

Everyone else is not having better sex than you. They're not having more sex than you either. Get over it, and then get it on.

We need transition time into sex. Men can be ready anytime--like, say, on the way home from a parent-teacher conference at your kid's preschool. Not so much for women. We have to get our minds off our kids, our mother-in-laws and our little boys' socks before we can get even think about getting busy. We need world peace and household tranquility to get in the mood. Or maybe at least wait till we've gotten the kids to bed.

Masturbating isn't just for dry spells. Love thy self. Often.

Planned sex isn't corporate. Our lives are so busy that we plan our kids' playdates. Our mothers didn't do that. Kids just showed up. Men need to stop getting flustered if we have to pencil in sex. Instead, look forward to it. Sext about it, as I wrote about recently. (Sexting is sexy, who knew?)

What's your womanly wisdom about sex? Do you have any tips? Or what does it take to get you into the meow-here-comes-kitty sex mood?

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