Sexy or Sleazy: Are You Feeling Madonna's Crotch?

Madonna W Magazine

Madonna from the April issue of W magazine.



I hope these two words go together for all hot mommies.

But by the time I'm 50 years old, like Madonna is, I'll stop flashing my crotch. 

As you know, Madonna's crotch has been in the news for many years, and part of her brilliance is that she's able to get top billing for her crotch yet again. As Cafe MichelleL reported yesterday, Madonna and her crotch take center stage on her current tour, album cover and in a photo spread with boyfriend Jesus in W magazine.


Truthfully, Madonna looks sexy.

How do you get an awesome bod like that at any age? In Madonna's case, with plastic surgery, a diet only a queen could afford, mystical religious practices and hard work. Madonna's rock star physique is also thanks to kick-butt sessions with her personal trainer, Tracy Anderson, who was featured in a recent Workout of the Week.

But crotch shots are a different matter. The truth is, I didn't want to see Paris' vag. I didn't want to see Britney's vag. And I didn't want to see Lindsay Lohan's girl part either. At least Madonna has enough class to keep hers covered by S&M panties.

In my Puritan opinion, these celebs' children won't want to Google their mom's vaginas either. And you know kids, they will Google their moms' vaginas eventually.

But good vaginal health--to prevent things like Post-Baby Giggle Pee--is essential for those of us who have already born our children. Do your Kegels, and if you want to flash your crotch at age 50, at least you'll be in tip top shape to do so.

Are you into Madonna's crotch this time? Is it sleazy or sexy?

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