Are You Into Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day

I don't like Valentine's Day,

but I do love my Valentine.

I have suffered through many Valentine's Days. I'm still scarred when, as a teen, I never had a Valentine. Never. Ever.

Throughout my twenties, I had a rocky first marriage with countless Valentine's Days that ended in tears. Or way too much vodka. Same difference.

Now I feel for my current DH, my Valentine. I came with Valentine's Day baggage. Lucky for me, he doesn't seem to mind carrying it.


My DH is very patient with my anti-Valentine's Day rituals. I'm determined not to eat out at an overpriced, overcrowded restaurant. I don't want a card. I especially don't want gifts that turn into booty fat. Roses are awesome, but I always tell my DH to wait until the week after Valentine's Day if he wants to buy them. Then all the flowers are half-price.

Bah humbug.

My perfect anti-Valentine's Day is a six-pack of beer (and these days, I can only drink a half of one) and a movie from Blockbuster. I prefer something romantic, like No Country for Old Men. The best part of Valentine's day is to have a little something-something after the kids go to bed.

My DH is okay with that. As long as something-something is an option, he's pretty much okay with anything. Plus, I think he likes it that I really don't want a present--not the kind you can buy anyway.

I find that when my Valentine's expectations are super-duper low, I actually enjoy this Hallmark holiday. Maybe I'll even get into the spirit and buy some drug store Valentine cards for my daughters' nursery school friends. Heck, I'll even click on over to Cafemom Valentine's Day Party. I can do these two things because they don't cost much money nor pack on the calories. Okay, I'll just admit it. A touch of Valentine's Day--not too much--might be fun.


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