Very Very Pregnant MIA Rocks Grammy Awards

What did you do on your last due date? Assuming you made it to your due date--my last baby was a whole week late.

Did you rap your booty off like the very, very pregnant M.I.A. did last night at the Grammy Awards? M.I.A. and her unborn baby hit the stage with Jay-Z, Kanye West, T.I., Lil Wayne for the Swagga Like Us performance.

She had the energy of, well, a rap star. If it weren't for that bump on the front, you'd think M.I.A., was just your average award-winning Sri Lankan rapper and gay rights activist.


Honestly, part of me doesn't see why her performance is such a big deal. She's just a very pregnant woman doing her job. It's not like the rest of us got days off from work when we were swollen, had heartburn and burped a lot.

But another part of me is surprised. She had a lot of energy, looked pretty, and seemed as confident as ever in her '80s day-glo queen outfit that really did show everything.

On my due date, I was so bored and miserable that I booked a babysitter for my then-toddler twins. I took the bus into New York City to see my best friend, and the bus broke down at Port Authority. I felt like a million bucks that August day; I was bloated, cranky, my back ached, and I had insomnia. But I trucked through the day like a rap star. I ate eggplant to bring on labor (a wives' tale, but I was desperate), and begged my husband to rub my fat feet.

Do you think M.I.A. should've gone gangsta on her due date?

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