Did Bruce Springsteen's Super Bowl Crotch Slam Hurt?

Last night, I wasn't paying much attention to whether the Cardinals or Steelers were ahead. Football--while awesome--might as well be the insides of my car for all I understand of it. In absence of a Super Bowl party (I'm not cool enough to attend or throw one), I was flipping channels between the game and Groundhog Day.

I was trying to catch the commercials, and frankly, I was pining for a flash of Bruce Springsteen's nipple. But I got something even better. The boss slammed his crotch right into a cameraman during Born to Run. Dude, that had to hurt.

But Bruce was giggling after it happened. And--bad me, bad, bad--so was I. When a guy's privates get slammed, it has to hurt, right?


I know I've accidentally slammed my DH's private areas. I do it most often when I go in for a snuggle at night. My booty has slammed into his testicles, and he complains about it.

He complains even more when I apologize while giggling.

According to UrologyHealth.org, his privates are sensitive. The testicles are located inside the scrotum, a skin pouch below the penis, which hangs outside of the body and is not protected by muscle and bone. This makes it easier for his balls to be struck, hit, kicked or crushed. Other parts of his scrotal sac are also injury-prone, like the epididymis, which lies along the backside of the testicle, a rubbery gland containing thousands of sperm-producing ducts.

Most injuries are minor, and he'll feel intense pain at first, but it will get better. He can take Tylenol or ibuprofen, and he can also wear a jock strap to support his scrotum until the soreness subsides.

But major injuries can occur if he gets hit by, say, a football. If he experiences any of the following, he needs to see a urologist ASAP:

  • swelling of the scrotal sac
  • any penetrating injury to the scrotal sac
  • prolonged pain in the scrotal sac
  • bruising and swelling of the scrotal sac
  • fevers after testicular injury 
  • any other symptom that develops after injury to the scrotal sac

Guys' injuries can usually be repaired if they get treated early. In the meantime, they should protect themselves--and probably not slam their crotch into camera men during halftime at the Superbowl. But Bruce is still the boss--and congrats to the Steelers.If you want to discuss last night's game, check out the groups, CafeMom Super Sunday Party! and Pittsburgh Steelers Fans.

Also, in honor of Bruce's slam, but probably not because of it, Denny's is offering their Grand Slam breakfast for free tomorrow, February 3, from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. This is also according to a Super Bowl ad, as you probably saw.

Check out my story last week on whether or not he can break his penis. Is your husband sensitive about his men?

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