5 Sexy Toys for Valentine's Day

sex toyChocolate is way too easily converted to fat cells. And those hard, heart-shaped candies taste like baby aspirin. Why not get--or give--a gift that a) works up the best kind of sweat, b) has nothing to do with calories, and c) keeps on giving.

Here are 5 sex toys for Valentine's Day. So what if the gift is for you? Chances are good he'll be excited about it.


Hitachi Magic Wand. ($49.75) The ad says it's versatile and long-lasting. It's big, strong and noisy, but supposedly, once you've turned it on, you forget about everything else in the world. Plus, if you're child or mother-in-law find it, you can tell them it's just for that awful kink in your, um, neck.

Share the Love Kit. ($39) Perfect for a special, private night. This kit includes a Jasmine Ginger Massage Candle, Naughty Bedroom Dice, a Pocket Rocket and a vibrating Sonic Ring, some lube and a condom. You can be the energizer bunny because the AA battery is already included.

Vibrating Bead Thong. ($22) You'll both feel the effects of these "panties." Beads, vibrating parts, this toy offers the most bang for your buck.

Njoy Fun Wand. ($110) Use with a partner, especially if your partner is a rich sugar daddy who can afford this pretty thing. Or maybe you're a sugar mamma--I know I am into sugar, just not the kind that will pay for this wand. The shiny stainless steel heats up or cools down, depending on your needs. And you can use it on many different parts--yours and his.

Lovechest. ($2500) This toy is for those of us who have won the lottery. Or maybe you can just sell your house and buy this fancy box for your sex toys instead. It's perfectly designed to hold DVDs, toys and pasties. So treat yourself with this when your boss hands you this year's $300K bonus.

There are many successful CafeMoms who sell affordable romantic toys, check out the private group Passion Parties. Stay tuned to Healthy Living for a sexy story about them between now and Valentine's Day.

Have you--or would you--ever buy a sexy little something, something?

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