Sexting for Grown Ups: Would You Do It?

text, sextI've been reading that sexting is shockingly common among teenagers. I, for one, am not shocked. When I was a young adult, I remember seeing a lot of naughtiness and bad judgment. It just wasn't high tech.

Sexting among teens--sending nude photos via text message--clearly isn't good. Six teens--girls and boys--in Pennsylvania are being charged with child pornography after sending and receiving sexts. They are underage. Aren't they supposed to be playing Spin the Bottle and making out under basketball bleachers at away games? All I'm saying is that 20 percent of American teens admit to some form of sexting, and you can't lock them all up. I just feel badly that their unwise decisions are recorded forever on new technologies. At least my racy, embarrassing teenage notes were only available to a few people--not to the whole entire world via Internet. Thank goodness there's no chance my preschoolers will ever be able to Google my hook ups with a classmate I'll call Troy.


Maybe I'm naughty, but this whole thing makes me think about how some of my fully grown, adult, married Facebook friends write racy messages to each other on their Facebook walls. Would you do that? What about sexting your SO?

I would like to keep my Facebook friends, so I won't copy exactly what they wrote on their internet walls, but they often tell each other--and everyone else--how juicy their bodies' looked the night before.

It's kind of sweet, I guess. Some of the sexy talk makes me want to grab my DH and give him a smooch. But some of it makes me want to hurl my snack.

What about sexting your man? Here are some racy sexts from the website She Knows. (Wait, if you're only texting words, not photos, is it a sexy text or a sext? If I have to ask, I'm surely too old.) Here goes:

  • u look hot 2day
  • hey baby
  • i want to touch u
  • wanna come play?
  • thinking bout u right now
  • what r u wearing?
  • cnt wait 2 c u
  • thx 4 lst nite
  • guess what im wearing
  • u r so sxy

Honestly, I probably wouldn't sext, sexy text or any of that. I prefer love notes, Post Its and cards that I can easily tear up and use as cat litter. But I bet my DH would love a sext.

Would you send one? Have you sent a good one? What do you think about Facebook PDAs and sexts for grown ups?

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