Do You Ever Go to Bed Alone?

cat dog sleeping

Superpowers1279's pets don't sleep alone.

"Never go to bed angry."

That's the advice from my father-in-law. He and my MIL seem to have an amazing, happy 45-year marriage, so I'll take whatever he has to say to heart.

So, no, my DH and I never go to bed alone, not because we're mad anyway.

We do, however, go to bed at different times almost every evening. He works nights, so he turns himself in by 6 p.m. I go to bed alone at 10 p.m. I don't like it, but I'm used to it.


According to a poll--Does it make you upset you when you have to go to bed by yourself?--in the group, Advice for Moms:

  • 43 percent are upset when they turn in alone.
  • 35 percent aren't bothered by going to bed alone.
  • 13 percent go to bed alone every night (including me!).
  • 6 percent never go to bed by themselves.

Gosteelers says, "I don't mind if DH stays up later than I do sometimes. And sometimes I stay up later. I would be offended if he did it all the time, though."

LoveMyBugs adds, "I just asked my DH, who just got back from deployment, and he said, 'You always yell at me about it!' He thinks it's stupid. But he knows going to bed alone bugs me, so he makes sure to come to bed with me. I love him!"

What do you think about going to bed alone? Does he sometimes stay up late playing video games? Or do you stay up after him doing something you like? Does this ever happen to you?

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