Disgruntled MIL Interrupts Bride's Vows To Clarify How Perfect Son Is & 'Defend' His Honor

MIL stops wedding

Weddings can both be a celebration of your love -- and an excuse for your friends and family to bring out the drama. Categorize one woman's mother-in-law firmly under the latter category after a video of of her interrupting her son's wedding ceremony to "defend her son's honor" has gone viral on TikTok. Fortunately the bride, 29-year-old Anna Larrabee, had a good support system at her wedding to now-husband John, and the two didn't let his mom ruin their big day.

  • The whole drama was captured and first published on TikTok for all to see.

    The Daily Mail reported that TikTok user @srags13 shared the post, although it has been taken down. However, the moment has also been shared on Twitter and Reddit. 

    "My sister's wedding a few years ago," Sarah Ragsdale of San Jose, California, Anna's sister, wrote in the post's caption. "Her MIL has always hated her. She's just [one] of those MIL's that feels my sister is taking her son away."

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  • The bride had just finished her vows when her MIL decided to interject.

    Apparently, the bride should have been more careful with her words because her new MIL, Judy, loudly shouted "You don't have to say my son has flaws!" as soon as the bride finished her speech.

  • As one can imagine, Judy didn't take it in stride when the bride told her she could "just leave" if she didn't like her vows.

    "No, I don't have to leave! That dress you're wearing, we paid for!" Judy shot back. 

  • It seems like others at the ceremony were prepared for Judy to make an outburst.

    One person at the event told the mom to calm down, and the bride added "You're not going to ruin my day."

    "You are not going to say my son has flaws!" Judy repeated.

  • The bride had a sweet response to Miss Judy's complaint.

    "Everybody has flaws and that's why I love him," she said.

    "Like you don't have flaws," Judy responded.

    At that point, Judy's son finally decided to get involved. He turned around and told his mother "You can leave."

  • But instead of backing down, Judy again brings up the fact that she paid for the bride's dress.

    At this point, the mother-of-the-bride steps in and tried to escort Judy out of the building. 

    "Try, and I'll have you arrested!" Judy threatened.

  • In a second video, which has also since been taken down, things don't get any less awkward.

    "Her MIL sat there as they finished their ceremony. Went outside [and] waited until they went outside to take their wedding pics just to start [expletive] again," the caption read in the second video, as reported by Yahoo! News.

    "You have the flaws right now!" a man's voice can be heard to tell her in the footage.

    "Are you serious? I have the flaws? Are you kidding?" she shot back.

  • Luckily, another guest stepped in and put Judy in her place.

    "Excuse me. This is not your day, and this is not about you," the woman told her. "She's in love with your son -- accept it."

    The video ended with the couple turning back to their vows, but people online certainly had their own feelings about what happened.

  • There was no way that this outburst boded well for the couple.

    "Man, how can you even continue on with that happening? I feel so bad for the bride and groom," one commenter wrote on Reddit.

    "The way her face goes from smiling to just drops is so sad. Mama can't stand that everyone has flaws... including her son," someone else commented.

    "I feel like people saying they love their partner and all their flaws is pretty standard vow stuff? Like it’s not something crazy or unheard of," a third person pointed out. "This lady is bonkers."

  • Other people were a little upset that her husband didn't seem to say anything sooner.

    "That bride is in for a whole heap of trouble. Any man who stands for that will watch his wife get bulldozed in the years to come. Poor bride," one person wrote.

    "He clearly has flaws. Biggest of which is his inability to stand up for his wife to his mommy," another commenter agreed.

    "The fact that the son stands there and does nothing about his mother let's you know exactly how [expletive] has gone, and will go in this relationship," someone else shared. "Mommy is number 1."

  • But there is proof that this couple just might make it.

    At the end of the second video, Anna grabbed her new husband's hands. The Daily Mail reported that in the comments on the original video, Ragsdale shared that her sister told her new husband "It's just us. Forget about her" at that moment.

    No matter how her MIL felt about the wedding, the newspaper reported that Anna and her husband, John, are still married and have an 8-month-old.

    Let's just hope for Anna's sake that nobody brings up her husband's flaws in front of her MIL again.

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