Joy of Sex Back on Top

joy of sexHave you read The Joy of Sex? It was on the New York Times bestseller list for many years after it's 1972 release.

I remember reading it in the back of the Jeffersonville Public Library when I was 12. I was super-curious, so I did my research in the safest way I could think up. I couldn't quite ask my mom what was really going between Jack and Jennifer on my then-favorite soap, Days of Our Lives. So I found out how it worked from The Joy of Sex.

I found out how a lot of stuff worked from The Joy of Sex. I even got a few ideas, I'm sure.

Now the book has been totally updated and revised.


And that's good--the skinny, naked men with mustaches were way too Boogie Nights for my taste even in the late '80s when I first read it. They're updated--and hopefully sexier--now.

The Joy of Sex: The Timeless Guide to Lovemaking was revamped by Susan Quilliam, a British relationship expert, with late author Alex Comfort's original purpose in mind. This book has always aimed to benefit the ordinary, sexually active reader. It gives straightforward, practical and explicit advice on making love.

So now you know. They've taken out the pasty hairy men and put in phone sex. Sounds good to me.

How did you first learn about the birds and the bees?

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