Girlfriend Worries Boyfriend Might Be a Pedophile Because He Prefers Women Bald 'Down There'



When it comes to anything to do with the body, there's only one rule: Your body, your rules. That doesn't mean we don't take our partner's preferences into consideration. So long as all parties are consensual, there's no reason not to check in on each other's desires.

So when one man's girlfriend of 18 months casually asked him how he preferred women's pubic hair to be groomed, he gave her an honest answer. 

  • In the interest of full transparency, the boyfriend says she keeps hers "short but neat."

    "I assumed she was just looking to change things up and wanted my opinion so I answered honestly and said that I find completely shaven attractive, but in the grand scheme of things I couldn't care less, it's not a turn off if there's hair, and that I like the way she has it now," he explained. 

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  • Apparently, that was the very wrong answer to give. 

    "Well it turns out she had had a lecture today at college (she studies psychology) and the topic was on peadophiles," he wrote. "Apparently one of the talking points was that pedophiles are attracted to the lack of body hair."

  • When he heard this, he couldn't believe what she was insinuating. 

    "When she told me this, I asked her 'are you seriously calling me a pedophile because I find completely shaven attractive?! Can I just point out that you're 21 and not 12,'" he wrote. "She basically skirted around my questions and then stormed out of my apartment when I kept pressing her on it. As she left she called me revolting and is now ignoring my calls and text messages."

    He was stunned to find himself in this situation, and asked Reddit for some help, as they never had any issues before and he was planning on proposing next year. 

  • People were just as baffled as he was. 

    "Just because pedophiles like no pubic hair doesn’t mean all people who prefer no pubic hair are pedophiles," validated one reader. "Just like all dogs have four legs doesn’t mean all things with four legs are dogs."

    "Oh Jesus pedophiles breathe air, maybe I should just not breathe air anymore," another quipped. 

  • One psychology major also weighed in, giving the man a little more perspective and validation. 

    "I'm a psychology major as well and I see what your girlfriend is saying," the commenter wrote. "However, she forgot to include one major aspect to this fact. Pedophiles like a lack of body hair all over the body, it's not just exclusive to the pubic region. She's a psychology major! How can she forget that we have normalized and even sexualized adult women having a hairless pubic area. I mean with the western culture in mind its normal for men to like a shaven pubic area. For example, in porn more often than not women are completely shaven. Plus, in TV shows people make fun of those who don't shave their private parts."

    So in short, she might want to dial back her concerns and cut her boyfriend some slack. It sounds like she has nothing to truly worry about.