Girlfriend Has Unfortunate 'Gas Situation' While Meeting Man's Parents & It Goes From Bad to Worse


Family dinner with in-laws

You always want to make a good impression on your partner's parents, but one woman on Reddit really blew hers away. The lady in question had a bad reaction to some new medication she was on and spent her first dinner meeting her boyfriend's parents playing the riskiest game of all -- releasing her gas without being noticed. And let's just say it didn't end well for anyone who had the pleasure of sitting around that table. 

  • The anonymous woman explained that after six months of dating it was finally time to take the next big step with her boyfriend.

    The only problem was that the week before she was due to meet her his parents for the first time, she was sick. She explained in Am I the A--hole, she was prescribed penicillin but the medicine gave her some unique side effects -- "one of them being gas."

    "Most of the time it's fine, but others, if I don't let it out, I'll be in excruciating pain," she explained.

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  • At dinner, she thought things were going great: "his mom cooked a beautiful pot roast, we were all laughing and getting along famously."

    Until her case of bubble guts reared its ugly head. 

    "All of a sudden I started getting the gas cramps so I had no choice but to try to let them out silently and once I started -- I couldn't stop," she wrote. 

    The woman hoped her farts were at least not smelly because some of them were definitely not silent.

    "Some were louder than I'd hoped, but I didn't want to step away from the table as we were in the middle of a conversation, I thought it would be rude," she explained.

  • Theoretically, the woman could have kept farting the whole night without getting caught, but a lull in the conversation caught her mid-toot.

    "It was noticeably loud, but I didn't think you could tell it was from me," she reasoned.

    Because of the noticeably loud fart he just heard, and potentially the stream of stink he was smelling all throughout dinner, her boyfriend grew concerned, learned over, and asked her "Are you OK? Do you need to use the restroom?"

    "I couldn't believe he would embarrass me in front of his family like that," she wrote. "The rest of the dinner I was quiet from rage."

  • The rest of the night didn't go much better.

    Her cramps just got worse and worse as the night wore on and the woman swore her boyfriend's parents could only tell that she was still passing gas "because of my boyfriend’s questions" -- and not because she had the beat from "Mambo Number 5" coming from her butt.

    "He dropped me off at my place after when I was supposed to stay the night at his and he had the audacity to drive with the windows down," she added.

  • She ended her post by saying instead of feeling embarrassed, she was angry at her boyfriend for not being more understanding of this medical condition.

    "As he's in the medical profession I thought he'd be more understanding," she wrote. "We haven't talked much since Saturday and I'm just wondering Am I the A--hole?"

  • Most people didn't understand why the woman didn't hightail it to the bathroom the second she realized what was happening.

    "I don't understand why you thought it's better to fart continuously at the table instead of going to the bathroom," one person wrote.

    "I hate it say it, but [You're the A--hole]," someone else agreed. "That's a really awkward situation to be in, I'm sorry it happened to you. But it's pretty rude to sit at the table blowing brown kisses all night. Nobody wants air gravy with their pot roast."

    A third person was at least able to offer this perspective:

    "Look at the bright side. If you get married, in 20 years you'll be laughing about this story with your kids. But for right now, you're just the girl he brought home to meet the parents who thought it would be OK to fart a lot at the dinner table. No matter how well the conversation was going I assure you people would have much rather you'd excused yourself to fart elsewhere. What the heck were you thinking?!?"

  • To her credit, the woman later admitted that the Reddit commenters had a point.

    "I just didn't think anyone would notice," she explained at first. "If it weren't for that lull in the conversation I don't think anyone would have been the wiser."

    But she could see that maybe she made a mistake.

    "After reading all the posts I understand now that I am in the wrong," she wrote. "I plan to apologize to him tonight to see what I can do to remedy the situation."