Mom Finds Out Fiancé Got His 'Best Friend' Pregnant -- With Twins & He's Making Jokes About It


pregnant woman

Cheating is pretty much one of the most unforgivable offenses in a relationship, but when the person your partner had an affair with is someone close to home -- well, that really hurts. One woman on Reddit was furious when she found out that her fiancé cheated on her with his best friend of 10 years, but then he broke even more bad news: She's pregnant ... with twins.

  • The couple originally wanted to take a break after the Original Poster (OP) suffered from postpartum depression after her second child.

    The OP was insecure over her body after two back-to-back pregnancies, according to Kidspot. But things only got worse when she learned that her fiancé had been cheating on her for months with his best friend.

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  • She found out about the affair by snooping through his phone.

    She admitted that she knew wasn't the best thing to do. 

    "He got a new phone recently," she wrote in a post on Reddit that has since been deleted. "I feel bad about it, but I had a bad feeling and went through the messages on his old phone."

    That's when she found the texts between her future husband and his friend. "Oh man, the obvious hate she has for me and the displays of affection," she continued. "The 'I wanna see you' and 'I miss you' and ‘that was some bomb [expletive] birthday sex."

    She took it all in and didn't immediately flip out. "I don't care," she wrote. "I'm not angry. But d--n, I sure do look like a clown. I really thought he was the one."

  • But the mom was furious when she discovered that they had been having sex in her car. 

    "Also he got her pregnant. And she’s keeping it too. Nice," she wrote.

    But then he twisted the knife even further -- it was twins.

    “Twins don't run in his family. This is either a serious act of God and [expletive], or she's lying about him being the Daddy," she wrote in disgust.

    "Honestly, I just feel bad," she added. "Not one, but two kids are going to be subject to her [expletive]."

  • She had no mercy for her fiancé, however.

    He made his bed, she argued. 

    "[Expletive] moron. Those kids though... what a [expletive]show. They didn't ask to be born into this [expletive]."

  • She gave her fiancé an ultimatum -- it was her or his best friend.

    "I'm honestly willing to forgive him if he cuts her off forever," she explained in a separate post that has also been deleted."I do still love him a lot. But I have too much love for myself now to sit and fight another woman for his love and attention, feel me?"

    It wasn't like her fiancé was helping things, either. He told her that he can't just cut out his best friend. 

    "She's been here longer than you," he told her.

    And now, "he's mad at my ultimatum because we promised to never do that to each other."

  • It seemed like it was clearly time to call it quits, but then the global health crisis happened.

    Now neither of them are going anywhere. And her now ex-fiancé is starting to complain that the OP is not being supportive.

    "'He’s like 'I wish you could just be there for me' -- oh like how I needed you to be there for me and you chose her instead?" she wrote. "I'm an idiot softie and I told him I'll still listen to him when it comes to the struggles of everyday life." 

    But she didn't except that he'd try to talk to her about his problems with her.

    "He can talk to his little friend, I'm sure she'd be delighted to listen to all his problems, like she did when they would talk s--t about me. I can't wait to leave."

  • Now the two are stuck together as they world rides out the lockdown orders, and it's miserable.

    In a recent update on their situation, the OP shared that her ex keeps making awkward jokes about cheating and she's rightfully still angry about the whole situation.

    "I can't wait to move back out," she wrote.

  • These little jokes about cheating were not funny to the comment section.

    "Honestly that kind of 'joking' is thinly veiled emotional abuse," one commenter wrote in. "You do not need that in your life and I'm glad to hear you are ditching his [expletive]."

    "Who the [expletive] gets busted cheating and then jokes about cheating with the person he cheated on?" another person added.

    To us it seems clear that her ex-fiancé is not worth crying over and she needs to get her own place ASAP, but perhaps this one person said it best:

    "What a piece of [expletive]. You dodged a bullet babe."