Mother of the Bride Upstages Daughter's Simple Wedding Dress by Wearing a White Lace Gown

Jane LU

There is one key rule about weddings that everyone should abide by unless otherwise specified: Only the bride gets to wear white. And when guests opt out of following this tradition without the bride knowing, it doesn't always go well. Don't believe us? Just take a look at one bride on TikTok who was shook on her wedding day when she opened up her mother's garment bag and found ... a white lace dress.

  • This mother-of-the bride "surprise" happened to Jane Lu, who showed off her mother's dress on her TikTok page.

    Thirty-three-year-old Lu, CEO and founder of Australian fashion retailer ShowPo, posted the video to her page on May 14, although the Daily Mail reported that Lu actually got married back in October and is only sharing the story now.

    "I found out on the morning of MY wedding that my mom is wearing a white bridal gown!" Lu wrote in the video's caption.

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  • It all started when Lu unzipped her mother's garment bag.

    In the footage, she first pointed out her own wedding dress, which was a simple and pretty white gown. But when she went to see her mom's gown for the big day, she was in for a shock.

    "I just went to look at my mom's dress," she continued, undoing the zipper on the garment bag. 

    And BOOM. Wedding dress.

  • A friend taking the video starts cracking up immediately.

    "She's bought a bridal dress," the voice told her from off camera.

    "It's more bridal than mine!" Lu exclaimed.

  • In fact, it looks so much like a wedding dress that her friend asked her if it's her mom who's getting married that day.

    "Is your mom remarrying Frank today?" a friend off-camera asks her through laughter. "Like is she redoing her vows?"

  • Lu then shared what her simple wedding dress looks like.

    Simple, elegant, and completely appropriate for the bride to be wearing.

  • And then there's her mom, in a very bridal look.

    Is this woman giving a mother-of-the-bride speech or thanking her guests before she heads off to her honeymoon? We can't really tell.

  • We weren't the only ones who thought her mom's pick was inappropriate. Most people were surprised that Lu still let her mother show up in that dress.

    The video has been liked over 168,000 times, and more than 700 people wrote in to say that they were shocked.

    "I would've made my mom go and buy a different dress that second," one commenter wrote. 

    "Nah, straight up I would have lost my mind," someone else agreed.

    A third person shared a her own personal story of how a guest wearing a white dress can go really wrong: "My maid of honor wore white to mine. Her and my ex-husband are engaged now."


  • Luckily, Lu seems to have a good sense of humor about this whole thing.

    Lu told the Daily Mail that all she really wanted was for her wedding to be "big and fun."

    And this laid-back bride didn't seem to let her mom's misstep get in the way of her good time.

    "I really didn't think I'd be one of those brides who say my wedding day was the best day of my life but it really was," she said. "Everything was perfect and I couldn't wipe the smile off my face all day."

    That was probably good news for her mother, who managed to avoid a potential wedding meltdown.