Woman Says Her MIL Is Upset That She & Her Husband Like Spending Time Together


couple together

It should be a nice thing that a married couple wants to spend time together, right? Well not everyone thinks so -- especially one super-judgy mother-in-law who thinks it's weird that her son and his wife like to run errands together.

  • The problem started when her MIL started to volunteer to watch the grandkids.

    As her daughter-in-law wrote in a post on r/JustNOMIL, because of the stay at home order, she and her husband have been reluctant to bring their 9-month-old and 7-year-old with them when they need to go out in public, "considering one is an infant and the other has asthma."

    So her mother-in-law has been stepping in.

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  • She only watches her grandkids "at most" once a week. 

    But recently things came to a head when the Original Poster (OP) and her husband needed to make a quick run to get "materials for a home improvement project."

    "She asked why Dear Husband couldn't just go alone," the OP wrote. "DH replied saying if it bothers her then we just won't go."

  • Her MIL said that she didn't understand "why we always have to be together."

    Her son told her that they "just like going to the store together and she should understand because she will refuse to run errands alone."

    "After a short argument DH and I decided we just wouldn't go," the woman posted.

  • Unfortunately, this isn't the first time that her MIL made a weird comment about how much the two of them like being together.

    One time her husband needed to take a drive for a "smog check and wanted to wait for me to come home from work."

    Her MIL tried to convince him to go without his wife.

    "She even started teasing him saying 'oh yeah cause you'll forget how to drive if she's not there right?' and getting more and more upset and angry with him just because he wanted to wait for me to take a drive," she recalled.

  • And that wasn't the only time her MIL made a crack.

    "We used to live with her before buying our house and she would get upset at DH if he would rather have dinner at a later hour so I wouldn't have dinner alone when coming home from work," she wrote. 

    Now the Redditor is more confused than ever. 

    "I don't understand why she acts like her son enjoying his wife's company and just preferring to do tasks together bothers her so much?" she wrote. "My MIL and father-in-law have a great relationship so it's not like she's jealous of us as a couple."

  • People in the comments agreed: Her MIL was being weird.

    "MIL sounds like the kind of woman who would wear a white dress to your wedding," one person commented.

    "Yeah she’s jealous she also seems very possessive and wants his attention all to herself she can’t [accept] that she’s not the most important person in his life right now," someone else agreed. "Even if she’s got her husband I think she’s always going to see her son as just someone who belongs to her I really feel like you guys need to create more distance between her and you’ll just have to accept that she won’t change it’s who she is."

    "I would stop asking her to babysit," a third commenter advised. "One of y'all can go alone and grab what you need. My husband and I haven't been to the store together since all the lockdowns started. The more you see his mom the more you're going to have to deal with her."

    To us, it seems very sweet that the OP's husband likes to spend time with her -- so she should pay her MIL no mind about her snarky comments and take comfort in the fact that she probably has a very solid marriage.