Woman Says Her Sister Wants to Ban Their Nephew From Wedding Pictures Because of His Large Birthmark



As much as we all want a picture-perfect wedding day, there are limits to the madness. One of these limits should be trying to boot your nephew from your wedding photos for not "looking the part."

One woman wanted her 6-year-old nephew out of the picture (literally) because he has a large birthmark across his face. Of course, this started a huge rift between the woman and her family, and now their other sister doesn't know how to make things right. "My sister has become a complete and utter bridezilla,"/ she explained.

  • According to the woman, her nephew has a large birthmark on his face.

    As she wrote in a post that has since been removed from Reddit's r/relationship_advice, it seems like the birthmark could be considered a port wine stain -- "the entire left side of his face is a very light purple and it comes across a little to the right side of his face," she explained. "He also has that condition where both his eyes are different colors," she added.

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  • Her sister's wedding evidently brought out the worst in her.

    She was supposed to get married last week, the Redditor explained, but because of the global health crisis, she's had to push things back. And that seems to have catapulted her into extravagance and outlandishness. 

    "I don't know what the [expletive] happened between last month and this month, but she's gone completely off the deep end," the Redditor wrote. 

  • Ultimately her most egregious offense occurred around wanting "perfect" wedding photos.

    The bride-to-be let it slip to the their cousin that she was having second thoughts about including her nephew in her wedding pictures "because she doesn't want to have to explain to everyone who sees them that [he] has a birthmark," the Redditor wrote.

  • Of course, the whole thing got back to their other sister, her nephew's mom.

    And boy, was she ticked.

    "[Her nephew's mom] told [the bride] to shove her wedding up her [expletive], and that's the last the two of them have spoken since."

  • Things only got worse once their dad got involved.

    As the person who's footing the bill for this whole thing, he was not having his soon-to-be wed daughter's actions. He told her that she needs to make things right with her sister or he'll "cut funding for the wedding all together."

    "He told her off. I mean, really told her off," the OP wrote. "It took me back to when we were children."

    "He told her there will be no wedding if she keeps it up and she'll be getting married in a judge's office," she added.

  • Things are so bad that her sister is not planning on going to the wedding at all.

    She's already in the process of moving to Oregon and told their soon-to-be brother-in-law that she won't take her son "to an event where he's not wanted."

  • And now her almost brother-in-law is begging the OP to step in.

    "Her groom has been calling me non-stop to try and mend the relationship between the two," she explained. But the rift might be too far gone to mend. The bride has tried to get through to their other sister, but she told her "to jump in front of a bus and to [expletive] her wedding," the Redditor wrote.

    "My dad is also looking at me to get the two of them to get together," she added. "What the hell do I do?"

  • People in the comments warned the OP to stay out of her sisters' feud.

    "You don't touch this with a ten foot pole, that's what you do," one commenter advised. "When your dad asks just say 'I know, it's terrible, I don't know what to do, yeah, I know, etc etc.' Don't even bother taking the grooms calls for a bit of possible. This has nothing to do with you. Keep it that way."

    "How can someone be that entitled?" someone else wondered. "She's making her dad pay for a wedding, which he doesn't have to, and she dares to reject his grandson, her nephew... Wtf. But this isn't your fight."

    While a third person gave the OP some crystal clear advice:

    "If I were in your shoes (not in order of importance): 1. I would tell the groom that his bride-to-be is completely in the wrong. 2.Quite frankly, this really is not your problem nor your mess to clean up. In this situation, I would personally refuse to involve myself."

    In this case, the OP getting involved might only make things worse. And she doesn't need to get into the mud with either one of her sisters.

    Or as one commenter said it best: "Hopefully your bridezilla sister will come to her senses and maybe, MAYBE, the rest of your family can forgive her," the wrote. "But there's really nothing else for you to do here."