Wife Sends Husband Fake Texts From Their Landlord So He’ll Do Things Around the House


Husband doing housework

One woman from Australia was so fed up with trying to get her husband to help out around the house that she's taken extreme measures. Mom of four Rebecca admitted in a private Facebook group that she's been pretending to be her landlord and will send her husband texts any time she wants something done, and the internet is applauding her.

  • The details of her dirty secret came out on social media.

    As reported by the Mirror, the mom shared her housework "tip" with a private Facebook group.

    "I'm going to let you ladies in on the biggest secret of my life and also my best cleaning 'hack' if you have a husband like mine who is great but not very helpful around the house," she wrote.

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  • She was at her wit's end with her husband -- especially when it came to yard work.

    So she decided to stop nagging and make things happen.

    "I went and got a cheap mobile phone and saved the number under 'Landlord' so every time I want something done I text myself that they are coming to check, fix or need access to something, so my hubby does the chore I want done," she explained.

  • It's been working like a charm for the past three years.

    The mom spoke candidly with Kidspot and shared that mostly she uses her trick to get her husband to do small things such as mowing the lawn or moving furniture.

    "He’s a great dad who spends a lot of time with the kids, but he just isn’t that handy and helpful with the house, which is mostly fine," she said.

  • Rebecca does call their relationship "a bit old school."

    That means he works and expects Rebecca to keep "an immaculate home, [have] kids bathed and fed and ready for bed," as a stay-at-home mom.

    "I make everything we eat basically and keep the car clean so when I was finding it hard to get his help and finding myself getting frustrated, I devised my sneaky but funny plan," she wrote.

  • People in the comments could not stop laughing at this woman's amazing housework hack.

    "This is just total genius!!" one person wrote.

    "What a legend!!!!!!" someone else agreed.

    "I might have to try this one," a third person chimed in.

    Obviously, her husband probably should be helping out with the housework without an elaborate scheme -- but we have to admit, her hack is genius.