Man Slams Girlfriend for Period Leak on Their New Sheets & Refuses To Let It Go


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When you get your your period, leaks happen, and only a monster would make you feel bad for having an accident. But people online seemed split over one woman's story, who shared on Reddit that her boyfriend screamed at her for accidentally getting blood on the sheets.

  • The woman explained that she and her boyfriend live together and she went to bed that night with only a pad on.

    In a post that has since been deleted on r/relationship advice, the 25-year-old shared that by chance her flow was "unusually heavy."

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  • So she bled right through her pad.

    Heavy flow? Leaking overnight? It's happened to almost all of us -- but her boyfriend was not quite so understanding.

  • Her boyfriend "demanded" that she pay him to replace the new sheets she ruined.

    "And for the rest of the day he made a show of washing his hands after touching me in any way," she added.

  • Since it happened, the Redditor has tried multiple times to explain.

    The boyfriend, however, told her to keep quiet "and said that I was disgusting."

    Now the Redditor is heartbroken.

    "What should I do?" she asked.

  • People in the comments told the original poster (OP) that she needed to kick her boyfriend to the curb.

    "Oh, no, how dare you have normal bodily functions ..." one commenter joked.

    "I have had exes bleed in my bed, in my car, on my couch and even on me," someone else chimed in. "This is not a normal reaction; he is perfectly fine with having sex with a vagina but not deal with a natural occurrence? OP, this can not be his first outburst to you and his childish behavior. This isn't a man you want to go forward with in a relationship, I am even hesitant to call him a man. You need to get out ASAP."

    "He has issues," a third person agreed. "If he’s like this now, what happens if you get pregnant? Will he say you’re unclean when your water breaks? Will he refuse to be in the hospital while you’re giving birth?"

  • A few people thought her boyfriend had a point.

    "[Urinating] and [defecating] is a normal bodily function, and you won’t see me doing that on the sheets," one person commented.

    "Cut him a break, probably this is lad's first experience with menstrual blood," someone else wrote. "This is a teachable moment. Like he should use the cheap sheets when there is a heavy flow and not wear the designed PJs that Mom bought him."

    A third person suggest that the OP's boyfriend might just be ignorant. "My husband is 39 and just learned within the last year that bleeding during menstruation was involuntary," the person wrote. "Your boyfriend may just be dumb about female bodies. Like, really dumb."

  • This story doesn't have a happy ending.

    In an update to her post that was also later deleted, the Redditor shared that she decided to kick out her boyfriend. She even called a friend for backup "since I was afraid that he would get aggressive."

    "He came over this morning and I told my now-ex to pack his bags and go and [the ex] immediately started yelling at me," she wrote.

    Her friend ended up restraining her ex-boyfriend "when he tried to fight him."

    Ultimately, the police got involved when a neighbor called them -- and arrested her ex for attacking her friend.

    The OP should know that she's better off for not dating someone who made her feel disgusting or unworthy. No one has the right to make you feel bad for something that's perfectly normal.

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