Future MIL Walks In on Woman Naked -- & Freaks Over Her 'Unsuitable' Body


woman getting dressed

Body shaming. Tattooed and pierced mamas get it all the time, and there's no escape from it even when it comes to our families. In fact, as one woman on Reddit illustrates, it can be our families who shame us the most. According to the tattooed mama, her soon-to-be mother-in-law absolutely flipped when she found out that her nipples were pierced and she had a tattoo on her rear -- and now is trying to convince her fiancé that she isn't "a suitable wife."

  • Online, the woman wasn't hiding anything.

    On Reddit she fessed up to having some hidden tattoos, along with pierced nips and a "scandalous" "outline of a heart on my a-- cheek."

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  • Her fiancé's mother probably wished she would.

    The woman and her fiancé recently went to visit his parents to check on them. 

    "I know we shouldn’t be visiting people," she explained. "But my (future) in-laws live in a fairly rural area, neither of them can drive because my father-in-law has seizures and my mother-in-law has vertigo and faints."

    The two needed groceries and there aren't any delivery options available to them.

    "My fiancé is their only child so it was kind of necessary for us to go over there," she wrote.

  • Because of the current health crisis, her future MIL has new rules for visiting.

    Per her fiancé's mother's request, the couple needed to strip, shower, and change as soon as they entered the house.

    "A little wild but it’s ok it makes her feel more comfortable," she wrote.

  • The Redditor was following orders -- changing her clothes -- when the MIL walked in and saw her completely naked.

    "Meaning she saw all my bits and pieces including the previously mentioned nipple piercings and tattoo on my [expletive]," she continued.

  • A normal person might be embarrassed by walking in on someone in the buff.

    But her soon-to-be MIL wasn't normal. Instead, she stood in the open doorway and started "berating" the original poster (OP) -- "saying how she couldn’t believe I had modified my body in this way and how now I wasn’t a suitable wife for her son."

    She also ranted about how the OP is "gonna be someone’s mother one day and they’re going to have to live with their mother being a 'whore' with a tattoo on her butt."

  • We have to give props to the OP's fiancé, who was not having his mother's shenanigans.

    Overhearing the whole thing, he came in and immediately rushed his mother out, "locking the door."

    While the two of them were outside the room, he gave his mother a thorough dressing down.

    "She started telling him I wasn’t a suitable wife and how before we met plenty of men saw those piercings," she recalled.

    Her fiancé shot back that "she got them while we were together, so probably not."

  • The couple promptly left after the confrontation.

    Ever since they left, his mom has been blowing up his phone trying to tell him how "inappropriate" the OP was.

    "Very funny how I’m the inappropriate one when she’s the one who stood there gawking at me naked," she wrote.

    The OP also mentioned that she has face piercings and a couple of visible tattoos, "so it’s not like these [hidden tattoos and piercings] were a total shock, but she also hates those," she wrote. "Her biggest problem was with my nipple piercings."

  • Other people couldn't believe this judgmental in-law.

    "She sounds like a right piece of work that one," one commenter wrote. "I feel for your partner, his mother showing her rude self like that and fair play to him for getting you outta there babe."

    "The biggest problem is she walked in on you naked and didn’t immediately apologize and leave!" a second person agreed. "I’m sorry but that is a huge violation and I don’t give a [expletive] if she was in her last phase of life I wouldn’t go back until I got an apology."

    "She has a h--l of a lot of nerve berating a person bringing her things she needs to survive," a third commenter wrote. "Her priorities are totally [expletive] up."

    We have to agree. If the OP is happy with her tattoos and piercings -- and it sounds like her fiancé is too -- that's all that matters. Her in-law is going to have to learn that her future DIL's body is none of her business.