15 Hilarious Discoveries People Are Making After Being in Isolation With Their Partner

Esther Carlstone | Apr 17, 2020 Love & Sex
15 Hilarious Discoveries People Are Making After Being in Isolation With Their Partner

Ahhhh, love in the time of a massive worldwide crisis, there's nothing quite like it. Whether couples have already been together for years or perhaps have just newly started dating, people are being forced to hunker down together for the long haul. And what comes out of living with -- and working around -- someone one isn't used to living with can be hilarious, shocking --  or both. 

Who knows what strange habits and mannerisms another person has until they're confined together -- often in small spaces -- for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for weeks on end? Love can conquer all things, so they say, but "they" might have never pictured the current situation lots of couples are finding themselves in right now. And thanks to the everlasting power of Twitter, the rest of us get to be in on these relationship eye-openers -- for better or for worse.


  • Not a team player 


    Seriously, this is something lots of couples are probably facing right now. If there's a load of laundry to fold, why not just fold and put away the entire load? It's called TEAMwork. Not I-do-my share-and-leave-the-rest-for-you work. 

  • THAT guy


    Lots of workplace personas are getting revealed left and right to significant others these days. And if you're a Type-A "let's get this ish done" type person and your partner is the "circle back guy,", well, good luck to you!

  • Not a spelling bee champ here...


    Not only are we listening to multiple phone calls and endless Zoom meetings, we're also having to discover that the person we committed to be with may not even be able to *gasp!* spell. 

  • Why does he have to do it like that?


    Working From Home With Your Significant Other Rule #1: Type quietly. For the love of god, it's not that hard. And if it is, we're not sure this is going to last in the long run. Don't be that guy, ok?

  • One more question


    Oh no, she's that person at the end of the meeting that makes an already endless meeting last even longer?! Say it ain't so!

  • It's not all bad...


    Let's all give this hubby a nice round of applause. Isn't it nice to discover the person one picked is even better than one thought they were? Maybe being stuck at home with them for months on end wont' be so scary after all. 

  • Gas much?


    To be fair, they've probably never had to hold it in all day, every day, so tell yourself, it's for their health. And go hide in the bathroom or bedroom or porch -- anywhere, really -- for a very, very long time.

  • Crunch, crunch baby


    This should be Common Sense 101 when you're sharing a small space with someone -- sheltering in place orders or not -- "Thou shall not chew loudly or with thy mouth open." Does that even really need to be said?

  • Grooming habits have gone downhill


    Just because we're in the time of indefinite staying at home doesn't mean we let all things go, people. And clipping toenails regularly is definitely on the "necessity" side of things. Especially if there's every any snuggling in bed to come. 

  • Fun hobbies


    We all have different ways to destress during these crazy times, so what's the big deal if his is essentially moving a pile of dirt back and forth in the driveway? It could be worse, right? IT CAN ALWAYS BE WORSE.

  • A culinary dud


    A chef he is clearly not. But the more troubling part of this discovery is that he also apparently lacks common sense. There's no better time than a national lockdown to learn the basics of cooking we guess.

  • Work snack


    It's important to stock up on the essentials, but what does one do when they realize they're significant other's definition of "essential" matches up to that of a 5-year-olds?

  • Lies, all lies


    So it turns out lots of people are sheltering in place with chronic procrastinators (no judgement), but when that means household responsibilities -- and the dishes -- starts to build up, trouble could be right around the corner...

  • Cabbage in the morning


    There are strange snacks, then there are STRANGE SNACKS. 

  • A lifelong secret revealed


    The most mind-blowing revelation of all time -- he could've been cleaning this ENTIRE TIME?! Now that the cat's out of the bag, we don't think he can ever go back to being a supposed slob ever again.

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