Woman Doesn't Tell Long-Distance Boyfriend About Mastectomy & When He Sees It, He Dumps Her


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Breast cancer can take so much from its victims, but one of the worst things it can take after a mastectomy is confidence. For one 24-year old female breast cancer survivor, the removal of her left breast left her feeling self-conscious, which is why she always wears silicone padding when out and about.

Although silicone padding is of course a personal choice, it apparently led to her getting dumped... and believe it or not, people are taking his side.

  • The woman says that she had been seeing her boyfriend long distance for three years. 

    "We had met a couple of times but we just enjoyed each other's company," she wrote. "He knows i am a cancer survivor but doesn't know about my breast."

    As in, she completely didn't tell him that she had, in fact, had her breast removed and only had a scar left in its place. 

    About a month ago, the woman moved in with her boyfriend, and you can imagine where this is going. 

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  • The two decided to be intimate for the first time, but things came to a screeching halt when he saw her sans clothing. 

    "... the moment he laid eyes on my breast his face went white and he refused to touch me further," she wrote. "He said I had cheated him and that I should have told him earlier about my breast."

    Though she anticipated a reaction, she wasn't expecting the one she got.

  • "I told him that I didn't think it was important since he said he loves all of me and that he thought I was beautiful," she wrote. 

    After she talked it over with him, however, he decided to end things.

    "He says he can't be with me anymore, he didn't know I was lacking a breast because I looked fine in my pictures," she wrote.

    So now she wants to know if she was wrong for withholding that from him and if she deserved to be broken up with?

  • People were quick to let her know: She messed up, big time. 

    "I do think you should have told him beforehand, probably long beforehand, because a) it would be a surprise for anyone and it doesn't do you any good to spring that surprise on him in the moment, and b) if he's an a-- about it, wouldn't you rather know that sooner rather than later," wrote one commenter.

  • A few folks were pretty disappointed in both of them in regard to this situation 

    "I can understand feeling hurt that in a three year relationship my partner didn't trust me enough to tell me something personal, and has hid something for so long," empathized one reader. "Because not telling him was a conscious choice on your part. Shock can cause people to react differently than normal. If you had told him long ago, he would have had time to process and it wouldn't be as big a deal. But if he's just upset you only have one breast, he's an a--hole for that."

    In all fairness, it sounds like both poster and the boyfriend wholly mismanaged the situation. Here's to hoping they can both walk away from this with a better understanding of themselves for future relationships.