Bridezilla Slams ‘Selfish’ Pregnant Cousin for Refusing To Fly to Her Summer Wedding


Pregnant woman flying

We are living in uncertain times, to be sure. Schools have been canceled, jobs hang in the balance, and even major events such as weddings are being postponed until further notice. However, not every couple has been quick to pull the plug on their nuptials. An anonymous mom-to-be recently took to Reddit to vent about her cousin's upcoming wedding, which is scheduled for August. Aside from the tricky timing due to current health concerns, the poster says there's one more thing that's affecting her RSVP: She'll be seven months pregnant and would have to fly to get there. Although she's ultimately decided to politely decline the invite, her cousin isn't exactly being understanding about it.

  • According to the mom-to-be, her cousin has always been a bit ... "spoiled."

    The mom-to-be describes her cousin as "the kind of person who always gets what she wants no matter who she hurts in the process." 

    Despite being close when they were growing up, the two women have drifted apart in adulthood -- and recently, the cousin's behavior has been a big reminder as to why that is.

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  • The cousin got engaged to her boyfriend last May after less than a year of dating. 

    They soon set a wedding date for August 2020, and started dropping thousands on their wedding plans. But despite all the money they were throwing into their big day, the cousin insisted she couldn't extend an invite to the Reddit poster's partner of two years.

    Naturally, this didn't sit well with the woman -- especially because she now lives abroad and wasn't exactly eager to hop on a plane to head to a wedding without her partner.

    But something happened in February that solidified her decision to decline the invite: She got pregnant.

  • "My LO is due to arrive in October and everyone is over the moon," she shared. Well, almost everyone, that is ...

    Apparently, her cousin was not exactly psyched. At least, not when it became clear this would impact her wedding plans.

    "She won't understand how there is no way in heaven or hell that I will get on a plane for two hours flight and another two hours train when I'll be 7 months pregnant," the Reddit poster shared. "She threw a fit to me, my aunt, my parents and anyone willing to listen. Apparently I am so selfish because of all the time in the world I chose now to get pregnant, probably to steal her thunder or something like that."


  • A lot of people were shocked that the bride didn't invite her own cousin with a plus one.

    Especially because the pair had been dating seriously for two years and were having a child together.

    "She didn’t invite your significant other? That’s crazy," wrote one person. "While I understand guests can be limited, and sometimes people will opt not to invite new boyfriends/girlfriends, this is clearly a life partner type situation -- you’re having a baby together! This alone is enough to not go."

    "Wtf? Even if you weren’t pregnant, excluding your significant other, who is obviously a very permanent person in your life, is reason enough to not go," someone else added.

  • Several others also chimed in to say the bride's behavior was nothing short of bratty.

    "What an entitled brat!" one person commented. "I can’t stand it when people think that, because they are getting married, they 'own' that year for their entire extended family. The good news is that it sounds like most of your family sees her ridiculousness for what it is. She is making herself look bad."

    "I agree, just because you decide to have a lavish wedding you can't tell other people to make sure to 'look the part' or even be there!" another person wrote. "All these stories about bridezillas who think others should put them first because they're getting married are making me mad! Who marries someone like that?!"

  • Plenty of others also questioned why the wedding was still taking place to begin with, given the health crisis.

    After all, current projections show that the virus may hold strong throughout the summer. By that reasoning, should anyone really be traveling in August?

    "Good luck having that stupid expensive wedding this year Bridezilla!" one person wrote. "Anyone pouring stupid money into a wedding that is happening anytime between now and maybe Autumn 2021 is bag-of-hair stupid."


  • Others pointed out that most doctors would advise against air travel in the third trimester, so it's really not the bride's call.

    Air travel isn't considered safe after the 36-week mark, according to the Mayo Clinic. Although the mom-to-be would technically be around the 30-week mark at the wedding, it still may not be safe to travel. (Particularly with what's going on in the world right now.)

    "I would just tell her that you spoke with your doctor and they will not give you clearance to travel at that stage in the pregnancy," one person suggested. "Which, honestly, may not even be a lie. I would think that if you do talk to your doctor they would advise you not to travel while that far along and with the whole COVID virus s--t that's happening."

  • In the end, though, it seems the Reddit poster was let off the hook -- the wedding got pushed to next year after all.

    "Well, it looks like COVID-19 won!" the poster later updated. "Apparently, my cousin's future in-laws are the ones paying for the whole shebang and after much back and forth with the ever lovely bride, they decided to put their foot down."

    The wedding was postponed until next year, which gives the Reddit poster a lot more time with her baby before she'd have to jet off to another country to attend a wedding solo. Of course, there's still the small matter of not getting a plus 1 ...