MIL Drops Bomb on Wife Struggling With Infertility: Her Husband Has a Secret Child With Ex



As anyone who has ever faced them knows all too well, fertility issues can be crushing. All one woman on Reddit wanted was a little support while she and her husband tried to get pregnant. In a moment of weakness, she snapped at her mother-in-law, who pushed her at her lowest point -- and she paid for it dearly. Not only did her MIL drop a bomb, but the information she shared has seriously hurt her marriage: Her husband already has a secret kid.

  • The couple has been together for seven years and married for five, according to the original poster (OP).

    By this point, they've been through "countless stillbirths and miscarriages," the OP wrote on Reddit. They've come to the heartbreaking conclusion that they "will not be biological parents."

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  • The problem is that her MIL isn't quite aware of how bad things are.

    Although she's staying with the couple, her MIL "wasn't aware" of the OP's "fertility status," and therefore, kept pushing for information.

  • The Redditor and her MIL had "countless" conversations about her having kids before she finally hit her breaking point.

    "I finally snapped and told her that she would not be getting one any time soon," the OP recalled.

  • That night at dinner, the MIL decided to go for the jugular.

    "She bought it up again, and then proceeded to say to my husband, 'Well, ex girlfriends name gave you baby M, didn't she? Maybe she would surrogate for you?'"

    BOOM. Mic officially dropped.

  • It turns out that her husband has an 8-year-old child THAT THE OP NEVER KNEW ABOUT.

    That's probably because he's had no contact with the child and has no intention of being in his ex's life, either.

    Naturally, the news has caused quite a rift. "I've asked for as much space as possible, but I don't know what to do," she wrote.

  • To say that this was a red flag about her relationship is an understatement.

    "Advice? Leave him, now," one commenter wrote. "How can you stay with someone who lied to you for years, and apparently abandoned his child?"

    "Yikes. Seven years into a relationship, and you find out he has an 8-year-old?" another commenter wrote. "That’s a pretty gnarly secret for him to hold onto."

    "Man, your MIL did you a favor," a third commenter wrote. "I’d really like to know more why he’s not in the child’s life. Like what else is he hiding? That’s a massive red flag."

    Later in the thread, the Reddit mom wrote that her husband did confirm that his ex was pregnant, but told her "it was never confirmed if baby was his." Still -- probably something he could have followed up with. 

    Here's hoping that this is something that can be worked out in therapy -- if the OP still wants to stay with her husband.