Quarantine Reveals Guy Has Been Putting Sex Toys in the Dishwasher & His Female Roomie Is Repulsed



For those of us self-isolating with partners, relatives, or other roommates, the next four to eight weeks could mean tons of together time. In fact, we'll probably be learning a lot about the people we cohabitate with -- but how much info is too much info? One woman noticed far too many dirty details when she found her roommate's sex toy in their shared dishwasher. "Of course, as a sane person, I lost it!" she wrote on Reddit.

  • The day started out ordinary.

    The roommates are self-isolating together, according to the woman who wrote in a post that has since been deleted on Reddit. For the most part, her roommate "Kevin" has stayed in his room.

    He "spent nearly the whole of yesterday in his room, but he came out of his room to make us some food, and he started to cook food in the kitchen," she wrote. "He then placed the utensils and cutlery he used in the dishwasher."

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  • The two then shared a meal together, and Kevin went to put the dishes away. Again, nothing strange yet.

    After Kevin put the dishes in the dishwasher, the woman wanted some juice -- but she got quite an eyeful when she passed by.

    "As I walk [past] him to go to the fridge, I noticed two dildos on one of the racks," she wrote. 


    Well, at least they're getting sanitized?

  • As you can guess, the Redditor was just a bit shocked.

    And it gets worse.

    "Kevin was confused as to why I was upset, because he has been doing this FOREVER," she recounted. And they've been living together for two years.

  • Kevin feels like there is nothing wrong with keeping his toys clean.

    "Kevin thinks it hygienic and normal," she wrote. "He doesn’t seem to understand my outrage and shock. Like, I have been sipping juice, eating off plates and cutlery with HIS AND HIS MILLION LOVERS' BODILY FLUIDS!"

  • Well, at least sanitizing your sex toys is one way stop the spread of coronavirus.

    But the original poster (OP) was still left with one huge question. "How do I convince/explain to a grown man that you don’t place your sex toys in the dishwasher?!" she asked.

  • To say commenters were shocked would be an understatement.

    "If it was HIS OWN dishwasher it would be perfectly fine," one commenter wrote. "But it’s not. He should find another way to clean them; not like the only way to is putting in the shared house appliance."

    "This is [expletive] disgusting," a second commenter wrote. "I’m super sex positive. Let’s [expletive] everywhere and all over with all the toys. But don’t [expletive] wash them in the dishwasher!!"

    A third Redditor who identified themselves as a sexologist wrote, "So, if they are glass toys, the dishwasher is actually a great place to wash them -- HOWEVER, I think it’s rude in a community living/roommate situation to do that and not even check if that is okay."

  • Other Redditors had alternative suggestions for how Kevin could get his dildos squeaky clean.

    "Lmao I’m sorry but this post made my night!" one commenter wrote. "Tell him to boil the toys instead lol."

    And a few people thought the OP was overreacting.

    "They recommend using a dishwasher for toys that are dishwasher-safe," someone else wrote. "It’s actually a really common thing people do. Just do them separately from the actual dishes."

    In the end, it's best to keep your sex toys sanitized. But it probably is best to ask BEFORE washing them in the communal kitchen.