Woman Discovers Boyfriend Donated Sperm to an 'Old Flame' Without Telling Her


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Relationships can be complicated and messy -- and that only intensifies once kids are brought into the mix. Take it from one woman who recently found out that her boyfriend was going to have a baby -- with someone else. According to her post on Reddit, her boyfriend had promised to donate sperm to an old high school friend years prior, and apparently didn't check in with his current girlfriend before the friend got pregnant.

  • In a post that has since been deleted, the woman explained that her five-month relationship recently hit the skids.

    For the most part, their relationship had been going great. 

    "We hung out all the time, we texted/called regularly, we'd met each other's families and we were starting to have conversations about the future and what one between us would look like," the woman shared.

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  • Ever since they started dating, the woman had known her boyfriend wanted kids.

    In fact, his desire for kids is "one of the the things that attracted me to him most," she wrote.

    They also discussed some background on their relationship history, which for him meant a couple of serious relationships and some hook-ups.

    "I was under the impression he had moved on from this phase and was content in a serious, exclusive relationship," she wrote.

  • Then the hypotheticals started ...

    A few months ago, her boyfriend started running "hypothetical" situations past her, just to see how she would react.

    "For example, he'd say 'What would you do if I had a child with someone else? Would you treat them like your own?' and things of that nature," the woman recalled.

    "He'd say things like 'You'll never leave me, even if I do have a child out there,'" she continued. "I'd always respond with the question of 'Do you?' and he'd either shrug, make it into a joke or say no."

    Meanwhile, she said they continued to have unprotected sex, and agreed that if a pregnancy occurred, they "would be fine with that."

  • But then she found out about her boyfriend's little agreement with a friend.

    His "friend" had been in a relationship with another woman for most of high school, but at some point, the two of them made a pact that if she ever wanted a child, he would provide the sperm.

    "This 'agreement' supposedly absolved him from paying child support or having custody, as it was assumed that this girl would be parenting with her now ex-girlfriend," she wrote.

    But recently, the "hypothetical" conversations started happening much more frequently. 

    "I finally asked who this friend was, and my boyfriend identified her on Facebook," the woman explained.

  • It turns out, the two have some history.

    It was during this shocking revelation that her boyfriend also fessed up to sleeping with his friend at one point after high school while she and her girlfriend were on a break.

    The biggest revelation of all, however, was that he donated his sperm to her in December and she's now 10 weeks pregnant. In fact, the two have been communicating without the girlfriend's knowledge, and the friend apparently has no idea he has a girlfriend.

    The boyfriend even admitted that he has avoided hanging out with his friend in person, out of fear that his feelings for her might return. 

    But this was the real cherry on top: "Later that evening, I found that he had been placing 'heart eyes' emoji's under her selfies on Facebook, and that he had 'liked' almost every single thing she's posted," the Reddit poster shared.

  • Understandably, the woman is horrified, and she can't understand why her boyfriend kept all of this from her.

    Now, he's all set to be a part of the child's life and wants the Reddit poster to be OK with it so she can treat his child like her own, even though she says she can't quite bring herself to do that.

    "In recent hours, I've found that he's 'liked' countless girl's photos since our relationship began," she wrote. "He's told me I'm out of control and that I should stop 'snooping.'"

    "Am I being a jerk for feeling duped?" she continued. "How would you go about this situation?"

  • Many people thought the answer was obvious: the poster has got to bow out of this relationship gracefully.

    "Sounds like the relationship is over and you want confirmation from the internet," one woman wrote. "Yes it is over, move on."

    Another person had another theory, though.

    "He's cheating on you with her and spinning a story," the commenter wrote.

    "I think you mean ex-boyfriend," a third person chimed in.

  • From the sound of things, it seems the commenters might have gotten this one right.

    Later in the thread, the poster shared that her boyfriend had clarified the matter -- and no, it wasn't good news.

    "He admitted to cheating," she wrote, delivering a bombshell of an update. "I don’t want to get involved at all, and eventually karma will get him."

    We tend to think she's right about that one.

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