Bridezilla Demands Friend Publicly Announce Stillbirth Before Her Wedding -- Or Not Come


Pregnant bridesmaid

To some brides, there are no limits to the lengths they would go to to have the perfect wedding, including one bride who asked her friend to announce her stillbirth before her special day. According to a series of text messages that were leaked on Imgur, the bride demanded that her friend share the devastating news early, so none of the attention would be taken off of her.

  • The anonymous poster, who is still grieving her loss, was so upset she took the the internet to vent.

    As the woman explained in one of her screenshots, she miscarried in October, and her friend's upcoming wedding this month is a harsh reminder of what should have been.

    "I would have been heavily pregnant as I was due at the end of February," she wrote, and her daughter's death still has been hitting the mom hard. "Both my partner and I are still just trying to get through each day and up until now everyone has ben understanding and kind to us."

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  • The drama started when the anonymous poster received a surprising text message from the bride.

    First, the bride asked her friend if she was still coming to the wedding, "Because I was thinking maybe you shouldn't," she wrote.

    "I don't mean to be harsh," she continued, "but I thought you'd be over what happened by now."

    The bride then told the friend that she had recently been "dramatic" when she cried at seeing a stranger's baby. 

    "And lots of people don't know yet cuz apparently you aren't ready to tell people," she added. That is why she told her friend that if she doesn't tell people about her stillbirth, she's not welcome at the wedding.

    "I'm trying to be as nice about this as I can, but everyone will be asking [why you] aren't pregnant and I don't want them distracted from making me feel special," she wrote.

    She added that she thought her friend would be "over it" by now so it "wouldn't be a problem."

  • Then the bride asked her friend if she would announce her miscarriage on Facebook.

    That was not going to happen. No matter how much the bride assured her friend that she meant "no offense," it was pretty darn hard for the poster not to be insulted and hurt.

    "So let me get this straight," the poster responded. "You don't want me at your wedding because the fact that my [expletive] baby died might ruin YOUR day," she wrote.

  • The poster was absolutely livid.

    "[D]on't worry about me being at the wedding because we won't be friends," she wrote to the bride.

    The bride shot back that her friend was twisting her words -- "I just want to be the most important person on the day and if people see [you're] not pregnant they will ask and then it will take the attention off of me," she texted.

    Right, the poster had it completely wrong ...

  • The bride asked again if the poster would announce her miscarriage on Facebook -- "You're being silly, but okay."

    The bride wrote that she didn't think it would be "such a hard thing to do." But to the poster, the whole thing was a deal breaker.

    "I hope our friendship is worth all the attention you so desperately need," she responded.

  • The bride then wrote that the poster was being "selfish."

    She argued that after two months (Two! months!) the poster should be over her baby's death.

    "It's not like you knew her," she wrote.

    Beg pardon?!

    "Yeah we're done," the poster responded. "You think I give a [expletive] about attention on me."

  • In the end, the poster wrote that she was glad the bride had shown her true colors BEFORE the big day.

    The furious woman clapped back that she was glad she found out that the bride was "trash now so I don't waste any more time speaking to you."

    "Tell [redacted] I'll see him at the divorce party," she wrote.

  • The post was republished on Reddit, where it absolutely floored commenters.

    One person on Reddit was angry on the poster's behalf.

    "'It's not like you knew her' oh my God, what a piece of [expletive]!" the person wrote.

    "My heart is absolutely pounding in my chest," a second person added. "I cannot believe how cruel this woman is."

    "OMG I hope the fiancee reads that garbage and runs for the hills!" a third person wrote. "What pathetic excuse for a human being! It was a baby not a goldfish!"

    Here's hoping that the bride never has someone be so cruel to her in her time of need. As for the poster, let's just cross our fingers that she'll make better friends.