Groom Sends ‘Horribly Awkward’ Email to Guests Calling Off Wedding -- Then Tries To Take It Back


Jilted bride

Everyone's sent an email or text they've later regretted. But one anonymous groom recently sent a doozy of an email that may have changed his life forever -- and not in a good way. It was shared by one of his wedding guests, who received a "horribly awkward" email from him calling off his upcoming wedding -- and then just five hours later, trying to backtrack. The entire thing was shared by the guest on Reddit, where people are now having a field day with it.

  • The subject line of the email? "Unfortunate Announcement." (And oh, how unfortunate it was.)

    "This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do," the email began. "I know there will be no way I can ever apologize enough but I am not going to follow through with the wedding. Again I am truly sorry."

    YIKES. Talk about awkward.

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  • But then, just five hours later, came the follow-up ... 

    "Sincere apologies -- Please Read!!!" it was titled. 

    And then, just as quickly as the groom had canceled the wedding, he declared it was ... back on!

    "To family, friends and guests," he continued. "I am truly sorry for sending the message I did last night. It should not have been sent. I am sorry for giving everyone a heart attack! Again please accept my apologies."

  • Uh ... come again?

    After the back-to-back emails were shared on Reddit, commenters weighed in on what they think was really happening behind the scenes. And pretty quickly, a really *sound* theory was presented.

    "Someone was drunk," one user declared.

    "Haha that’s what I said," another said in reply. "The first email was sent late at night and the second early in the morning. Kinda figured they got into a fight while drunk and had some clarity the next morning."

    Yep; that seems to check out. But even so, this was all just a wee bit dramatic, no?

  • And yet, a lot of people jumped in to say that the story reminded them of their cousin/brother/friend who once called off their wedding.

    "Sounds like my [expletive] ex-BIL!" one person wrote. "He canceled the wedding three weeks before the date. Threw my sister out of his house too, (she paid half the mortgage, but he bought the place before they got together, so only his name was on the deed). My sister had to have the humiliating experience of calling all the guests, and telling them the wedding was off."

    In the process, the user says her sister lost over $10,000 in deposits, and told her tailor to stop altering her wedding gown.

    But lo and behold, just two weeks later the fiance reached back out. 

    "Baby! I’ve made a terrible mistake!" he told her. "If you don’t marry me on the same day we planned I’lL KiLL mYsELf!!!!” 

    But if you're thinking the woman's sister kicked him to the curb ... think again. 

    "She was too embarrassed to tell us she took him back, so she eloped at city hall, wearing a dress from Winners," the woman shared. 


  • Others shared similar stories that were ultimately turned out for the best.

    "Had a family member cancel a week and a half before the wedding," one person shared. "Three-fourths of the guest were from out of state or country. It was a mess but I think she dodged a MAJOR bullet. The 'groom' had a new SO within TWO WEEKS!"

    "Sounds like my [expletive] BIL," another woman shared. "He decided he couldn't go through with the wedding and called it off 11 days beforehand. In public. At the bridal shower. Then left and went to his dad's house. He's still living with his dad 7 years later. Still single. His bride to be had a nervous breakdown and went off the rails for a while, but now she's happily married with a kid and her dream job. She and I are still friends and I think she dodged a bullet!"

  • Unfortunately, the other half of this story still remains a mystery, since we don't know what the bride decided to do.

    According to the wedding guest, things were especially awkward since everyone who worked with the groom had been invited, which made the whole email debacle so "horribly awkward."

    "Had I been her, I'd be so mortified that I'm not sure if I'd be able to follow through with the wedding," they added.


    Whether or not the wedding is still on remains to be seen. But at least one Redditor had a bit of advice for the wedding guest: "Make sure you provide a receipt with gifts because that's not going to last."