Bride Is Livid After Sister-in-Law Who Didn’t Know She Was Pregnant Gives Birth at Wedding


Bride and groom on wedding day

There are so many little things that can go haywire at a wedding, it's probably for the best you expect at least a few things to not go according to plan. One bride on Reddit, however, is fuming after her new sister-in-law not only got sick at her wedding, but it turned out was unknowingly pregnant and gave birth on the day of the big affair. The bride, who is still furious over how everything went down, wonders how her SIL could have ruined her big day.

  • Everything was going fine until the poster's soon-to-be SIL began to feel sick at the rehearsal dinner.

    As the bride explained in a post that has since been deleted from Reddit, the wedding was held at her parents' ranch house -- which is so remote, "there’s a point where you can’t take a vehicle to the ranch house and need to walk about a quarter mile."

    The bride and her husband spent $10,000 getting the place spruced up for the big day, and were excited as their nuptials inched closer and closer. 

    Among those in attendance were her brother and a woman he recently eloped with. So far, she's gotten along well with the woman she now calls her sister-in-law. But that all took a turn when she "started acting weird" at the rehearsal dinner.

    "She looked very uncomfortable, said she was having bad cramps and asked my brother to take her home early," the bride explained.

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  • Two days later, on the day of the wedding, she was not faring any better.

    In fact, she appeared to be worse, looking "very sick and tired," the bride recalled.

    "She was taking four tab[lets] of Ibuprofen at a time, but insisted on standing with me at the altar," the poster continued.

    By the time the ceremony started, the SIL was in tears from how ill she felt, and desperately tried to keep it together. 

    "We were taking pictures and she can barely stand," the OP wrote. "She’s inconsolable, crying and complaining about cramps again. Then, she promptly vomits all over herself."

    As you might imagine, this caused quite the scene.

    "This essentially cancelled my wedding," the bride continued. "My brother had to carry her back to the house where they laid her on the floor and did everything to make her comfortable while they waited for an ambulance (about an hour away.) She was obviously in pain, and bled quite a bit."

  • Well, it turns out that her SIL was in LABOR -- she just didn't know it yet.

    Not only did the woman not know she was experiencing labor pains, but she claimed to have had no idea she was even pregnant.

    "She apparently had very irregular periods and it wasn’t unusual to skip months," the bride explained. "To be fair, she didn’t look pregnant at all. No belly whatsoever. My brother mentioned maybe 15 lbs. of weight gain and some heartburn, but that’s it.

    "About an hour later she gives birth on the kitchen floor," the poster continued. "She was so shocked she wouldn’t even hold the kid."

    Although we're sure the bride is thrilled to have a new niece or nephew, she certainly was not ahem thrilled about having her wedding day become an impromptu birthday party.

    "I can’t help but be mad at her for this," she wrote. "I was very excited for my wedding and was looking forward to spending a romantic evening with my new husband. Now, I essentially had no wedding. No dancing, no dinner.

    "I’m upset that she never asked for help, or had the sense to tell me she wasn’t feeling well," she continued. "I’m upset that nobody took her to the hospital and let the wedding proceed."

    Part of her anger stems from the fact that she believes her SIL did know she was pregnant.

    "I just don’t believe you can not know," she explained. 

    Her anger over all of this has certainly led to a rift. 

    "I haven’t seen either of them or their baby since this happened," she said before asking if she's the one in the wrong here.

  • People on Reddit didn't hold back: Many felt the bride was being a jerk.

    "You are mad at her for having a medical emergency, of which she had no prior knowledge, when it was inconvenient for you?" one person commented.

    "There is a huge difference between being upset with how a situation went, resulting in feeling disappointed, and feeling angry at a person who had zero malicious intent, did nothing wrong and didn't know there was an issue," another person wrote. "The girl stayed until she puked on herself. That's a loyal friend who wanted you to shine."

    "So you're mad at someone for giving birth when they didn't even know they were pregnant?" someone else commented. "You're The [Expletive]. Seriously. Read that sentence again and snap out of your [expletive] for a second."

  • However, some commenters thought the bride had a right to be ticked.

    "I really think Not The [Expletive] depending on how you treat your SIL going forward," one commenter said. "You're not an [expletive] for feeling the things that you're feeling right now. You didn't get your wedding that you poured a lot of effort and money and hope into, and no matter what anyone says that [expletive] sucks for you.

    "As long as all you've done is feel angry, you're not an [expletive]," the person added. "You will be an [expletive] if you let these feelings fester, or if you actually accuse your SIL of lying/knowing she was pregnant, or if you remain cold and distant toward her or her baby."

    "I’m going to go with NAH," another person agreed. "Soft she’s maybe The [Expletive] because you don’t get that far along in labor and NOT go to the hospital. Especially if she didn’t know."

    "No [Expletives] Here," a third person wrote."I'm doing this because I also had a sister who nobody (including her) knew she was pregnant until the day she gave birth." The person continued:

    "You are 100 percent allowed these feelings of anger and even grief to what you have lost. I was also upset my sister didn't ask for help and I had to move out of home so a baby could move in. I also thought she was lying. But she wasn't and these things do happen. You need to let go of your anger and love that baby. It is a funny story. You will laugh at it as time goes by. It will be okay."
  • Later in thread, the bride added that as far as her wedding goes, she and her husband signed the certificate, but they didn't have a reception.

    Which more or less did ruin her wedding day. And now, she's not sure if she'll ever make it up.

    "I don’t know if we’re gonna try again or not," she continued.

    Perhaps a second ceremony will help the bride feel better about her wedding day. Hopefully, she'll finally be able to move on. After all, even if the day was "ruined," it doesn't exactly sound as if it could have been helped.