Woman's Elf on the Shelf Proposal Gets Absolutely Ripped to Shreds Online

Elf on the Shelf proposal

By now, Elf on the Shelf has become a dreaded Christmas tradition for most parents with a kid younger than 8. (Who among us hasn't shot up out of a dead sleep in the middle of the night, suddenly remembering that they forgot to move the dang elf before morning?) For one woman on Snapchat, that mischievous little guy will forever be tied to a happy memory: the day her fiancé used her Elf on the Shelf to propose. I's safe to say, however, that she wasn't prepared for the way the internet would react to his grand plan.

  • A screen grab of the woman's Snapchat story recently made its way to Facebook.

    It was then posted into the wildly popular Facebook group "That's It, I'm Proposal Shaming" on Saturday, where the poster wrote one simple caption: "Uggggh lol."

    In the photo, an Elf on the Shelf is seen clutching a heart-shaped ring. The anonymous woman -- who was clearly overjoyed -- captioned the message: "He used the elf to ask me to marry him!! OF COURSE I SAID YES!!!"

    It should go without saying that everyone deserves whatever kind of proposal their heart desires, and it's great that this woman got one she loved. But let's not forget, it was posted to a proposal shaming group (because yes, such things exist). Needless to say, these ladies were gonna tear the thing to shreds like it was their job.

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  • Some people weren't just miffed by the whole Elf on the Shelf thing -- they also couldn't hold back their hatred of the ring.

    "Hate the ring," one commenter wrote. "And who proposes with both the engagement ring and the wedding band? I also really despise Elf on the Shelf lol -- their faces annoy me. Honestly hate this whole proposal -- I think it’s tacky. "

    "That's it!" a second person added. "Heart-shaped rings must be bad luck and illegal."

    A third person kept it pretty succinct, writing: "OH NO HEART SHAPED RING I’M PUKING."

    (Wow. Tell us what you really think.)

  • Others couldn't get over the major creep factor of the Elf.

    "Anyone else find that elf creepy AF?" one person wrote. "Like get out of my house, Satan."

    "The ring is a lot better than the proposal," another agreed. "Hate those damn elves with a passion."

    "Tasteful heart diamonds exist, I have one," another declared. "But like no person should ever lean back into the 'creativity”' of Elf on the Shelf. There’s so many more creative ways to ruin a proposal than with a doll."

    There was at least one person who was willing to stand up for the Christmas-y post, though.

    "Y’all are so ungrateful," one woman snapped. "Y’all man don’t have to get y’all s--t‼️‼️" 


    In the end, we're happy the anonymous bride-to-be loved the proposal, and that's all that should matter.

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