Creepy MIL Has ‘Matching’ Engagement Ring Made for Herself After Son Proposes


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Sure, deep down most of us want people to like our engagement ring, even our mother-in-law -- no matter how pesky she can be. But one woman's MIL has taken her admiration -- and lack of boundaries -- a little too far. According to the anonymous poster on Reddit, her MIL liked her ring so much that she bought the exact same one for herself and started casually wearing it without saying a word. 

  • Although the couple has been together for years, the woman shared that they only recently decided to make things official.

    When they decided to get married two years ago, the pair wanted to keep things low key, but that wasn't how her now-husband's mom envisioned things. It started with her MIL wanting her husband to propose once more and do something special, which seemed like a nice gesture at first. 

    "She helped facilitate the purchase of a real engagement ring, took us to a fancy restaurant and took our daughter off our hands so he could make a scene of it," she wrote. "The ring is gorgeous, and even through my MIL is embarrassed that it's NOT a REAL diamond, I love it all the same."

    But perhaps her MIL wasn't so embarrassed after all. 

    "Apparently when she ordered my ring, she ordered herself a copy," she continued. "I saw her wearing it last week and asked her what the difference is between our rings. 'No difference, I just liked it so much I got myself one too.'" 

    She later added that her MIL has been wearing the ring on her left finger, "with her wedding band."

    "This. Feels. Weird. Am I overreacting?" she wondered.

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  • Everyone in the comments: Nope.

    "I just read your story to my husband to see what his reaction was," one commenter wrote. "Even he made a face and said that is the weirdest thing. Once I mentioned the comment about her wearing it on her ring finger next to her wedding band, he was absolutely appalled."

    Another commenter also ran it by her husband, who was creeped out. "I did the same and he just stared and me and shook his head hahaha," the commenter wrote. "This is a big yucky no no OP!"

    "I'd take it back and get a different one," a third person chimed in. "It feels a little too much like she's imagining being married to her son. Or she wants to single white female you."

  • There were a few people who could see her MIL's point.

    "I don't think she is doing it to be spiteful or weird," one commenter explained.

    "Maybe she wants a connection with you. Kinda like when BFFs get matching necklaces? You have been her (kind of) daughter for years, now you are an official daughter, and she wants a relationship. Mothers of boys usually love having a daughter-in-law because they finally have a girl to do girl stuff with. You can be ring twins! Have her treat you to a pedicure and a few shopping trips, she would probably be happy to do that too."

    "For me, I guess I wouldn’t think anything of it," a second person agreed. "Just a ring. It’s totally up to you but as the 1 percent [who don't think it's strange] I would not think twice."

    Later in the thread, the poster shared that when she told her husband about the matching rings, he was "just as weirded out as I am."

    She later added that they can't really confront her at the moment about it.

    "Unfortunately we're living with her at the moment, so we're at a disadvantage when it comes to establishing boundaries," she explained. "This is definitely not her first offense."

    Perhaps the OP would be best changing her ring or else she needs to have a firm conversation -- STAT.

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