Wife Learns Husband Doesn't Regularly Change His Underwear & She's Seriously Grossed Out


Man reaches into underwear drawer

Few things feel better than taking a quick morning shower and slipping into a fresh pair of undies, amiright? Well, apparently, not all of our morning routines are created equal. Case in point: One woman on Reddit this week is seriously skeeved after learning about her husband's lax shower schedule (or lack thereof). And she's doubly grossed-out after he confessed that he doesn't change his underwear every day. (YIKES!) But her biggest bone to pick came after realizing that her husband is trying to pass down his poor hygiene practices to their 4-year-old son.

  • In her anonymous Reddit post, the mom admits she's a bit of a "clean freak." But on this issue, she feels her husband might be the "freaky" one.

    The poster explained that the whole mess started when she and her husband recently came home late and still had to give their 4-year-old a bath. 

    "I asked him to 'wash up' our son and put him in clean clothes," she wrote. "His response was something along the lines of 'He'll be fine, he didn't really even sweat today.'"

    *Record scratch*

    That was clearly not the answer that mom wanted to hear. And after a little prodding, she quickly learned that her husband has a pretty loose "no sweat, no shower" policy.

    "If [Dear Husband] feels he hasn't sweated much that day, he doesn't shower," she wrote. "Which ... would make me totally uncomfortable but whatever. Where my issue comes in is that he also doesn't wash up, doesn't change his underwear, clean his under-parts, nothing."

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  • But when it comes to caring for their 4-year-old son, she's especially bothered by what her husband considers "clean."

    "He doesn't use wet wipes when he poops and doesn't use wet wipes on our son when he wipes him, so I just know their bums aren't getting clean," the mom explained. "He does say that he won't go more than a couple days without cleaning himself so there's that. But it still feels so gross to me. Is this pretty common?"

  • Most people said that if her husband doesn't want to shower every day, then she's just going to have to accept that.

    "If you haven’t noticed it before, then he must not be stinky," one commenter wrote. "I would insist on clean hands for cooking/eating/etc. but he’s an adult. When it comes to your son, he’s still too young and needs to be cleaned everyday and shown how to do so because kids are gross."

    "Everyone has different standards for hygiene and since you didn't notice anything on your own in spite of your OCD, your husband's standards are apparently fine," another person told her.

    "Tons of people skip showers for a day or two," a third person said. "It’s really not that big of a deal. The 4-year-old should probably get hosed down daily, but I’m going to assume your husband has figured out how to wipe his own [expletive]."

    Later in the thread, the mom gave a bit more background on how she might have missed her husband's not-so-clean habits. 

    "There was a time or two I have noticed his underwear smelled musty," she explained, "but I just chalked it up to him working all day. I guess I just always assumed if he wasn't showering that he was cleaning up a little and changing underwear. All his underwear all black and the exact same brand so guess so just completely missed it."

  • But plenty of other people agreed with the poster -- her husband is being G-R-O-S-S.

    "As a man, that is pretty gross honestly," one commenter said.

    "Ewwwwww this is so gross!" added a second. "Undies get musty, even on the cleanest of people. He needs to change them."

    "It has nothing to do with your OCD," another chimed in. "Not changing your underwear every day is filth."

    But after reading other redditors' comments, the mom ultimately came to feel that she was being a bit harsh on her husband when all was said and done.

    "He is a wonderful man, and a great father to our son," she wrote. "I don't appreciate him nearly as often as I should. It's so easy to get hung up on the little things sometimes."

    Fair point. (But seriously, dude -- change your undies!)