20 Real Moms Vent About What Drives Them Crazy About Their Partner

Jess Richardson | Nov 11, 2019 Love & Sex
20 Real Moms Vent About What Drives Them Crazy About Their Partner
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20 Real Moms Vent About What Drives Them Crazy About Their Partner

It doesn't matter how much we love our partners or how perfect we are together or how much they make us laugh on a daily basis, there are always one or two things about the person we're with that drives us absolutely, completely batty. And that's OK! Our partners are human, they have flaws, and that's part of what makes them wonderful: They're real, and real people are complicated. And we love them anyway. We learn to accept their foibles, to deal with some of the qualities, traits, and habits that drive us up the wall. But that doesn't mean we can't kick back once in a while, relax, and share with each other all of the different ways our wonderful, supportive, smart, kind partners make us absolutely bananas. It's healthy to get some of this off our chests, and to recognize that no matter how good our relationship is, it's flawed. 

We're flawed, too, of course. Looking through this list, we may end up identifying more with some of the offenders than the poor spouses who have to deal with their partner's annoying habits, and that's all right. But we love hearing from real moms who are willing to be open and not pretend that their lives are absolutely perfect 24/7. We all know those moms on Facebook with the pristine-seeming lives. Do their partners never give them any trouble? Are their kids really that perfect? They literally can't be, right? We have to stop comparing ourselves to those perfect moms and instead feel better about ourselves and life in general, such as when moms confess the ways they've totally given up on being a 'perfect' parent. This is so much better than a fake Facebook family! Relatedly, real moms reveal the brutally honest thoughts they've had during playdates. We've all been there, and we've all had those thoughts. And when it comes to our partners, we love the honesty of moms sharing the ways their relationships have changed since having kids.

  • He Asks Me To Function as a Calendar

    He Asks Me To Function As A Calendar

    "We share a Google calendar, but that doesn't seem to matter. He still just asks me constantly what we have going on and what's coming up. I have a terrible memory, which is why I put everything in the calendar to begin with... my answer is almost always 'I don't really remember, look at the app?' but that doesn't stop him from asking." -- Grace H.

  • His Phone Screen Is Constantly Cracked

    His Phone Screen Is Constantly Cracked

    "The man refuses to get one of those industrial-strength phone cases, despite the fact that he drops his phone about every 45 seconds, and constantly cracks his screen. I feel like it makes him look like a sophomore in high school." -- Hannah T.

  • She's Late for Everything, Always

    She's Late For Everything, Always

    "I love my wife and she's a great mom, but she is constantly late for absolutely everything. As someone who is always, always early or on time, this is one of those few areas where we really clash in life." -- Meg S.

  • I Need To Explain What's Going On in the Movie All the Time -- Because He Doesn't Pay Attention

    I Need To Explain What's Going On In The Movie All The Time -- Because He Doesn't Pay Attention

    "Seriously, he'll look at his phone for 10 minutes while we're watching a movie -- just texting a buddy, looking up the score of the game, whatever -- and then he needs everything he missed explained. I want to wring his neck." -- Jazmin S.

  • He Chews So Loudly

    He Chews So Loudly

    "I don't even understand how he makes totally quiet foods not-quiet. He also chews with his mouth completely wide open sometimes -- like whenever he thinks I'm not looking. I love him, but it's vile." -- Asia L.

  • He Acts Like He Can't Figure Out a Grocery Store

    He Acts Like He Can't Figure Out A Grocery Store

    "My husband and I have been married for 12 years and have three kids together. We have a very steady routine in our lives, and part of this is that our staples don't really change. We have been using the same laundry detergent, the same brand of paper towels, the same peanut butter, type of milk, whatever, for forever. Of course, that doesn't stop my husband from calling me in an absolute panic from the grocery store every single time I send him there. He wants to make sure he doesn't get the 'wrong' kind of dish soap when I put just 'dish soap' on the list. My love, we have been using the regular blue Dawn for over a g-d decade. Figure it out." -- Anne R.

  • When We're Driving, He Needs Me To Optimize Absolutely Everything

    When We're Driving, He Needs Me To Check Both Waze and Google Maps

    "My husband is obsessed with optimizing basically everything. Whenever he's the one driving and we're going someplace new, he wants me to check the route on multiple apps -- at least Waze and Google Maps. I'm like, 'It doesn't freaking matter, we'll get there eventually.' But he needs to know that he's taking the perfect route." -- Jenna B.

  • He Leaves Cabinet Doors Open Constantly

    He Leaves Cabinet Doors Open Constantly

    "He leaves cabinet doors open literally 100% of the time. I am actually not positive he's aware that they shut. It doesn't matter if it's in the kitchen or the bathroom, once that door is opened, it just... stays that way. For days, if I don't close it. I love him, but... yeah." -- Alex R.

  • If He Has To Wait For Five Minutes, He Gets Into a Mood

    If He Has To Wait For Five Minutes, He Gets Into A Mood

    "I'm not someone who takes a million years to get ready to go out, but if I'm running even five minutes behind, my partner gets extremely annoyed. Which is weird, because he just sits there playing with his phone, which is exactly what he'd be doing if we weren't going anywhere." -- Alejandra Y.

  • He Answers the Phone and Doesn't Take It Out of the Room

    He Answers The Phone And Doesn't Take It Out Of The Room

    "When I get a phone call, I'll take it and then go into the other room so he doesn't have to listen to me having a conversation he's not a part of and can keep reading his book or watching TV uninterrupted. When he gets a phone call, he just sits there. It drives me crazy." -- Aliyah M.

  • She Leaves Her Water Glasses All Over the House

    She Leaves Her Water Glasses All Over The House

    "I know it's good that she's trying to stay hydrated or whatever, but my wife will pour a glass of water, walk into another room with it, takes like two sips, and then leave it there... indefinitely. Days can go by. She's really good about doing dishes, but for some reason, she doesn't see her water glasses as 'dishes.' They are, though." -- Crystal N.

  • She Leaves the Lights On Downstairs When She Comes Upstairs

    She Leaves The Lights On Downstairs When She Comes Upstairs

    "My wife is a total night owl and will often stay up way past me. But when she comes to bed, she doesn't always turn off all the lights downstairs. She'll turn off some -- usually most -- of them, but often, when I come down in the morning, there will be lights that have been on all night. There doesn't even seem to be a pattern with it. I don't pretend to understand." -- Kaitlin B.

  • He Leaves Just One Second Left On the Microwave

    He Leaves One Second On The Microwave

    "I get that he just doesn't want to hear the annoying dinging sound, but all he would have to do is hit the little 'clear' button. But instead, every time I want to use the microwave, there is just one second left. I can't even really tell you why this is so obnoxious to me -- it takes less than a second to hit the clear button myself -- but it is. It really is." -- Erica D.

  • He Texts During Dinner

    He Texts During Dinner

    "I love my partner, but he is constantly texting. I'll put real time and effort into making a dinner I know he likes, and he'll still have his phone at the table, texting. It drives me pretty crazy. He's a great guy in so many other respects, but the texting feels disrespectful to me." -- Kari F.

  • He Turns Everything Into a Debate

    He Turns Everything Into A Debate

    "No matter what it is -- it can be the smallest thing, like who put the car keys back last, or the fastest way to get to a restaurant on the other end of town -- he will debate it like a dog worrying a bone. I don't even care about who's right, but half the time, I end up getting dragged into it because he's so adamant, it gets me riled up, too." -- Jenna N.

  • He Refuses To Make a Decision (Then Doesn't Like My Choices)

    He Refuses To Make A Decision (Then Doesn't Like My Choices)

    "I'll ask him what he wants to eat tonight, and he'll say he doesn't care... then when I suggest ordering Chinese, he'll say no, he isn't hungry for that. So I'll tell him it's his turn to suggest something, and he'll say, 'Nah, I'm easy, whatever sounds good,' so I'll say 'Let's order a pizza,' and he'll say no... it can go on like this. It drives me batty." -- Madison H.

  • His Parents Are Really Overinvolved

    His Parents Are Really Overinvolved

    "It's not even that I dislike my in-laws -- I don't. They're honestly really nice people, and they obviously did a great job raising him. But that doesn't mean I want them raising my kids. And it feels like that's what they're trying to do a lot. There are just so many unsolicited parenting tips. I bite my tongue, but I wish he'd tell them to back off more." -- Karen T.

  • He Never Replaces the Toilet Paper

    He Never Replaces The Toilet Paper

    "Literally I cannot think of a time that he has bothered to replace the toilet paper himself. Not one time. I wouldn't even care if he hung it the wrong way -- the roll goes with the paper on the back side, by the way, I don't care what anyone says -- I just want him to replace the t.p. instead of leaving the sad cardboard core there." -- Janis A.

  • He Won't Shave His Scraggly Beard

    He Won't Shave His Scraggly Beard

    "I'm not opposed to beards, and I'm not trying to shame my husband, who I really love, but he really just can't grow one. His family is Swedish, and he's blonde, and his beard is just... patchy. It's scraggly. It does not look good. It is not a manly beard. And he won't get rid of it." -- Kiara J.

  • He Has the Worst Memory

    He Has The Worst Memory

    "I don't mind him repeating the same story or joke a few times, but he forgets everything. He'll mostly remember very important, serious conversations we've had, but even those, sometimes, he's capable of forgetting. And on a day-to-day basis, his memory is just atrocious. And he refuses to write things down to help keep track." -- Bonnie P.

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