Would You Get a Stripper Pole?

Carmen Electra sells a stripper pole called the Electra-Pole. (And according to her website, it's 25 percent off at $97.)

Her pole + DVD promise that you can dance, workout, perform for a partner or practice routines on your own. You can use your stripper pole purely in the name of fun exercise--or for whatever else you and your SO's hearts desire.

I don't know about this. I think I would break my body parts.

Recently, CafeMoms discussed Would You Get a Stripper Pole? in The CafeMom Newcomers Club.


CafeMoms had a lot to say:

"I am sure it is great exercise, but I personally wouldn't get one. In my own opinion, I don't want to put that in front of my daughter and have her think it's acceptable because mommy does it. That's just me." --Meganskiddos

"I'd get one if i had a place to put it. Those workouts are fun. I have the whole Carmen Electra set." --faerie75

"I wouldn't, but only because my husband would probably get hurt goofing off. LOL" --angieh26

What do you think? Yes or no on the stripper pole?

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