Photo of Husband Standing During Entire 6-Hour Flight To Let Wife Sleep Gets People Heated

man lets wife sleep

A photo of one man's sweet gesture to his wife has exploded online, but not everyone is feeling the love. According to a now-viral Twitter post, the man stood in the aisle during their flight while his wife slept, which allowed her to sleep across both their seats more comfortably. Some people saw it as a chivalrous gesture worthy of social media praise, whereas others thought his was wife being selfish and he was ridiculous for going along with it. 

  • The photo was first shared on September 5 by another passenger on the couple's flight.

    Twitter user @courtneylj_ posted the photo, absolutely floored by one husband's kind act to his wife. "This guy stood up the whole 6 hours so his wife could sleep. Now THAT is love," he wrote.

    The post immediately went viral with over 16,000 likes and 3,00 retweets.

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  • Some people were absolutely touched by the husband's clear love for his wife.

    "Goals [to be fair]," wrote on person in the comments.

    Another person guessed that "It could that his wife was flying to or from treatment. If it was my wife, I would definitely do it."

    "That is the ultimate love," a third person chimed in.

  • Meanwhile, many more people were unimpressed by the "selfish" wife: "If that is love then I'd rather be lonely," one person commented.

    Some people pointed out that his wife could have made it comfortable for both of them but failed.

    "She could have just rested her head in his lap and take turns sleeping????????" one commenter wrote.

    "I'm not letting my husband stand for six hours so I can nap.....let me lay this head in your lap bae," wrote another.

    "He spent all of those six hours planning the divorce," joked someone else.

    See, this is why we can't have nice things! Instead of slamming it, let's just appreciate this man lovingly helping his wife get some sleep. 

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