SIL 'Steals' Bride's Wedding Date & Schedules Her C-Section for the Exact Same Day


Bride on wedding day holding bouquet

Drama with the in-laws can rear its ugly head at any time -- yes, even if you're getting married. That's the lesson of one bride's anonymous post on Reddit this week, which focuses on a brewing feud between the bride and her soon-to-be sister-in-law. According to the poster, her future sister-in-law "stole" her wedding date by intentionally scheduling her C-section on the very same day -- and refused to move it. But believe it or not, this isn't the first time she's co-opted an important milestone ... 

  • The problems started when the bride learned that her SIL planned her baby shower on the EXACT same day as her bridal shower.

    In her post on Reddit, the bride shared that her "spoiled" SIL started a whole bunch of drama by scheduling her shower on the same day -- and to make matters worse, all of her husband's relatives skipped her wedding shower to attend her SIL's baby shower instead. 

    "[My] SIL showed up at my shower in the last hour wearing a white dress, a tiara, and a pink satin sash over her chest," the bride wrote.

    Sure, this is bad form on the part of her SIL, but surely things couldn't get worse ... right? Oh, my dear reader, but it did.

    "[My] husband and I picked June 8 for the wedding. We had everything set up, everything paid for, a church and a minister, reception hall," she continued. "About a week before my wedding SIL announces that she scheduled her c-section for -- June 8."


    The bride clarified that her SIL's pregnancy is not at-risk, "but SIL has a placenta condition that makes vaginal birth dangerous." She later added that her brother-in-law told her their doctor had actually wanted to do the C-section on June 12, "but [my] SIL insisted on the 8th." 

    Ahem, say what now?

    "It wasn't an emergency C-section," the bride continued, "She had no complications due to the condition and had known it would be a C-section since month five." 

    Plus, the bride noted that it's not like the SIL didn't know the date of her brother's wedding. "Save the Dates had been sent out before she scheduled her surgery," she explained.

    And it gets worse: Her in-laws then told her that if they had to choose between attending their son's wedding and the birth of their first grandchild, "they'd choose the baby."

    "Then his grandparents, his three aunts, and two uncles and several cousins all said they wanted to be at the hospital for the baby," the bride recalled. "This family is incredibly close-knit and babies are a big effing deal for them. Then a bunch of their family friends got wind that these relatives weren't attending and backed out as well."

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  • Things escalated when the SIL asked her if she was upset -- and the furious bride had a complete meltdown.

    The anonymous poster admits she lost her cool one afternoon, right before her wedding, confessing: "I sort of went off on her. I didn't yell or use physical violence but I did cuss."

    She said she told her SIL that she wasn't sure why she was being a jerk to her, but that it was really ticking her off. (Oh yes -- the gloves came OFF.)

    "You stole the day of my wedding shower and now you're stealing my wedding day," she claims to have told her. "One day, one day out of the motherf---ing year I want to be the one who's in the spot-light and now I can't."

     "It [expletive] hurts," she added. "I've put so much work into this [expletive] wedding."

    Now, the groom is so upset, he doesn't even want to throw a wedding anymore, and says he would rather get married at a courthouse. 

    "You've stolen my day and the excitement," the bride told her SIL. "Yeah, I guess you could say I'm [expletive] upset. Get the [expletive] out of my house. Good luck with the baby."

    (Oof. To be a fly on that wall ... )

  • Most people agreed that this SIL was being mean and selfish.

    It would be one thing if the SIL accidentally stole her date once ... but two times? Something is definitely up.

    "She sounds completely toxic, sorry you have her in your life," one person wrote in the comments.

    "She is a spoiled brat and should be treated accordingly," another commenter wrote. "Never assume you can count on her and place her on an info diet. Probably good to do with the rest of her enabling family, too."

    And another person suspected the SIL did it all for one reason and one reason only: attention. 

    "She knows her family and that they will choose a baby over a wedding," the commenter wrote. "She couldn’t have a more effective way to pull all the focus back on her."

  • But there were at least a few people who thought the bride was being pretty rotten herself.

    One person felt the bride was being a bit of a bridezilla. 

    "You are an [expletive] for saying that the wedding day is just about you," the commenter wrote.

    "I don't know, dude," a second person chimed in. "Your SIL acted like an utter brat, but are you really okay with never having a relationship with your niece and being potentially estranged from your in-laws?"

    A third person pointed out that the attack might not actually be personal.
    "Your SIL seems like a massive [expletive], but you have no idea if there were other reasons why she wanted those days because you seemingly haven’t asked her," the person argued. "Maybe her best friend was only available on the 19th for the shower and maybe the 8th was a better option for the birth for a reason but you need to ask her why."
    But the bride had a reasonable response to this commenter's concern.
    "I asked everyone close to me if my dates conflicted their schedules," she wrote in an update. "SIL said the dates both worked for her. Up until she actually sent out her invites she was telling everyone she was throwing her shower the first weekend in June."

    In a later update, the bride said her SIL safely delivered a baby girl. 

    "My husband was still hurting and didn't meet the baby until she was three weeks old," she wrote. "I have yet to meet the baby."

    And her in-laws have definitely taken note of that. In fact, her brother-in-law recently texted her to ask if she'd suck it up and come meet their baby, but she says she still doesn't want to see them any time soon.

    YIKES. This is one family drama I wouldn't wish upon anyone!