Family Slams 'Selfish' Bride Who Doesn't Want To Give Her Wedding to Pregnant Sister Who 'Needs It More'


Bride and groom on wedding day

Is there anything in the world that would make you give up your wedding venue and date if you didn't need to? Because honestly, once the venue is booked it would probably take a natural disaster or serious health emergency to make me want to give up my spot. But apparently, not all of us realize this. As one woman recently chronicled in a post on Reddit, her pregnant sister actually asked her to give up her wedding venue -- all because she felt like it was too hard to plan a wedding and be pregnant at the same time. And when her sister told her no, she was not a happy camper.

  • In the anonymous post, the woman explained that she actually booked her dream wedding venue THREE YEARS before her big day.

    (Sounds like someone was very prepared!) She described the location as "really beautiful," and that the only slot they could get for their big day was this September -- so they jumped on it. 

    Meanwhile, the poster's sister got engaged herself a few months ago, and despite not having all the details worked out yet, was on board for having her big day happen next spring.

    That is, until her sister dropped some pretty big news: "Yesterday our parents invited us and our [significant others] to a family bbq," the poster shared, "where my sister announced to our extended family, that she is expecting."

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  • It was kind of a bombshell in and of itself -- but the poster was shocked by what came next.

    "My Nan asked my sister if the wedding was still on the set date or if they were going to wait, because of the baby,' she continued. "She said no, that she hoped to move it to September."

    Um. WHAT?

    Surprisingly, Grandma -- and the poster -- was nonplussed. At first.

    "We don't have many out of town guest so they could attend to both weddings no problem," the poster explained. "Nan was happy and asked sister if she needed help planning such a short notice wedding."

  • But then her sister dropped bomb #2: Could she kinda, sorta take her sister's wedding venue for the big day?

    Because her sister didn't want to "stress" herself out too much, she asked the OP if she could simply "give up" her much-sought-after location. 

    Apparently, the sister's husband-to-be was mortified by the proposal -- to which she told him: "Don't be like that! My sister wants to do what's best for me so it's no big deal right?"

    Except that it was a big deal. A very, VERY big deal. 

    "I just said, 'Well it kind of is,'" the poster recalled. "'I don't know. I have my heart really set on the venue.'" 

    That didn't go over well with her pregnant sister, though. "Cue the crying," the poster recalled, adding that her sister then "stormed off." 

    And to make matters worse: "Nan told me that i was being selfish because she needed the venue more than I did," she wrote.

    Despite her attempts to defend herself, the bride's mother then told her, "You waited three years. Would it have killed you to wait a few more months? When has your sister ever asked you for something?"


    The annoyed OP shared that eventually, her fiancé decided the two of them had had QUITE enough drama for one day, and the pair decided to leave. But their problem was far from over. 

    "My sister called me crying and said that it was unfair that I always get what I want and that I could have done this one thing for her," she continued. "Dad said it is just a venue and what matters is the person who you are marrying. He is kind of right ... but we have been planing for so long."

    And it wasn't all about the venue, either. Later in the thread, the OP shared that her sister also wanted to take her floral arrangements, too. (What in the world?)

    "I have all contracts set up and they said that it would be the best thing to just take over," the OP wrote, adding that she wasn't sure if her sister was going to reimburse her for arrangements that were already paid for.

    But now the bride-to-be is torn. Her fiancé is furious over the whole thing, but her family thinks she's being selfish. 

  • Meanwhile, Reddit was not having it -- they told the OP that she should NOT give up her venue under any circumstance.

    "You are getting married next month and your sister wants to hijack it," one person wrote in the comments. "I cannot even believe your parents are supporting this selfish behavior. Screw all of them. Keep your wedding as planned."

    There were plenty of others who also were livid on the bride's behalf.

    "They have the audacity to call OP selfish when everyone was planning to go to OP's wedding and not the sister's wedding! What the (expletive) are they gonna tell OP's fiancé's guests?" another commenter asked. "How the h-ll are they gonna get the BIL's guests there with a month's notice? I legitimately do not understand how some people can be so god d-mn irrational when a baby is involved."

    "Please OP, for your sake, for your husband's sake, and for your marriage's sake, do NOT give in to your family," a third commenter urged her. "What they are asking for is beyond unreasonably and unimaginably insulting."

  • In an update to her explosive post, the OP explained that things have unfortunately gone from bad to worse.

    Even though her future brother-in-law called and apologized, the rest of the poster's family hasn't been so understanding on the matter. 

    "My father has sent me about five text[s] along the lines of 'I hope you are happy your sister hasn't stopped crying since yesterday,'" she wrote.

    Then things escalated further: The OP and her fiancé decided to kick her sister out of the wedding party and replaced her with an aunt who had taken her side. (OH SNAP!) Plus, they're still undecided on whether or not they're going to invite the rest of the OP's family.

    "Furthermore, my mom took it upon her to tell on us," the OP continued. "She called fiancé's parents and told them that it would be best if my sister gets it because she is pregnant and pre-eclampsia runs in the family. Whatever that means.

    "My future father in law told them to (expletive) off and basically ripped my Mom a new one for expecting something so ridiculous," she added, "and that they were going to lose me if they kept playing favorites."

  • In the end, the OP and her fiancé are hell-bent on having a nice wedding, sister or not.

    In a second update to her post that has since been deleted, the OP shared that her sister saw her story go viral online and was furious. But the OP stood her ground. She texted her sister back and told her that she had not distorted any of the details of what happened.

    "I am sick and tired to bending to your will," she allegedly told her. "Remember all the birthdays I had to share with you because you would throw a tantrum because you didn't get presents? Or when you cried so that I would fill out job applications for you?"

    (Yikes -- it sounds like there's a lot of tension between them that goes WAY back.)

    "I am done," she continued. "I admit that I also spoiled you but I will not any longer. If you want to marry so bad before your baby is born then you could look at [hotel x] that offers last minute weddings. I have spent too much time planning MY wedding to gift it to you."
  • The drama didn't end there, though. Her sister blocked her and forwarded a text she sent her wedding planner -- asking to take over the wedding date. 

    "We sat together and put passwords with majority of our vendors and also with the venue directly," she wrote. The couple also cancelled the catering her parents were going to pay for.

    "Short term we won't be able to get a full catering like we wanted to," the OP wrote. "But all our friends and my fiancés family will help us prepare a buffet (and everyone is going to chip in). That will be our bachelor party. As we will have to spend more on our food now we canceled our bachelor parties and will have a family and friends cooking session."

    For now, the OP said her family is not invited to the wedding.

    "I still have my brother (who will be walking me down to the aisle) and my aunt," she added -- but clearly, she's looking for the big day to be as drama-free as possible.