Another Mother of the Groom Shows Up to the Wedding in a White Gown & It's the Creepiest Yet

mother of groom wears wedding dress

We've all heard our fair share of wedding faux pas, but a story on Reddit this week really takes the cake. In an anonymous photo, a groom on his wedding day can be seen standing happily next to a woman dressed head-to-toe in white. But if you're thinking the lady in white is the bride, you'd be sorely mistaken.

  • Turns out, the woman standing proudly in a lace white gown is none other than the mother of the groom. (Yes, really.)

    "Mother of the groom and the groom on their special day," the caption reads. And as many redditors are pointing out, there's just something about the snapshot that comes off a bit ... well, creepy

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  • A quick skim through the comments on Reddit proves there's no doubt about it -- people think this was weird as heck.

    Most people commented that something seems off about this mother-son duo.

    "Someone has separation anxiety," one person wrote. "And it ain't the son."

    "Is she planning to breastfeed him at the wedding reception?" joked another commenter.

    "Why do people put up with this?" asked a third person. "You’re going to enter a marriage by showing your wife that you don’t respect her enough to have a real talk with your mom?"

  • Still, others didn't seem to see what the big deal was.

    "I don’t get the uproar?" one person asked. "What’s wrong there?"

    "Sorry I know it's probably really obvious, but... what's wrong with this photo?" another person wondered.

    A third person bravely admitted that at first they didn't get what was going on either, but maybe the other confused commenters weren't reading the post in its entirety ...

    "I spent so long trying to figure out what was wrong, but then I finally saw someone say that the person in the dress is the mother," someone shared. "I swear the first time I read the title it was bride and groom."


    It's unclear just what the heck this mother of the groom was thinking, though she probably meant no harm. But at the least, her faux pas serves as a reminder to the rest of us that wearing white to someone else's wedding is a major no-no. (And if you violate that rule, expect to be eternally shamed by the ruthless people of Reddit.)