Groom's Mom 'Coincidentally' Shows Up to the Wedding Twinning With the Bride -- Even Down to the Hair

Mother-in-law wearing same outfit as the bride

We've all seen some mothers-in-law get messy at their sons' weddings, but one mother-of-the-groom really took things to a whole new level recently -- and the internet is split on whether or not she was purposely trying to steal the bride's shine. As a post on Reddit reveals, the anonymous MIL showed up to her son's big day in a dress and hairstyle that was a little too similar to his future wife's. But was it merely a coincidence, or was this MIL looking to stir up some drama?

  • The wedding day snapshot shows both the bride and the MIL standing in floor-length white gowns with practically matching updos.

    It was posted on the r/InsaneParents subreddit on August 1, along with the caption: "Wearing a floor length white dress, having your hair being made into the same hairstyle as the bride, and holding onto her son's arm ... couldn’t get creepier."

    Honestly, in this case the evidence might just prove the crime. 

    Both ladies are wearing long dresses with similar cuts and lace detailing, and they both have their frosted blond hair pulled back into a loose updo. 

    But the clincher that many people are pointing out is that the groom's mom is literally gripping his arm in the photo, as his head is tilted back towards her -- which has some believing this MIL was purposefully trying to steal the spotlight. 

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  • Lots of people on Reddit thought this was an open and shut case of crazy MIL syndrome.

    "Pale mint or white, it is VERY similar to the bride's dress," wrote one person. "Yikes.'

    "I'm kinda more distracted by the fact the groom married someone who looks kind of like his mother (at least from what we can see)," another person commented.

    "Yup," wrote a third commenter. "I went to a wedding where the MIL was/is this [expletive]. She wore a very similar dress, long and 'pale silver,' and had to be asked to remove a birdcage veil. She is a problem in every way."

    (Wow -- sure sounds like it.)
  • Some people didn't think there was enough evidence to convict this MIL of wedding tampering.

    "Half the women have the same hairstyle," noted one person in the comments. "The dress is blue/green. They are standing so close to each other she probably didn’t know what to do with her hands. Can’t tell much from this picture."

    Others agreed with this point of view.

    "This is a stretch," another commenter wrote. "The dress is floor length (normal for moms at weddings) and is a different color though it is on the lighter side. Also it seems like a few people have similar hairstyles. The grip on the son is weird, though."

    "I'm confused, nothing seems off about the photo?" another chimed in. "Except the mother holding the son's arm, that seems a little unusual."

    In the end, it's impossible to know for certain whether this mama was trying to sabotage her son's big day or not. But man oh man, is that a faux pas that could have been avoided.