Bridesmaid Catches Bride 'Sneakily' Trying To Buy Drinks With Her Credit Card & It Got Ugly



There are two types of people: people who love a girls' trip and people who know the many, many ways that a group vacation can go wrong. But one bridesmaid learned just how wrong these ladies' trips can go after she allowed the bridal party to charge their hotel rooms and air fare for her friend's bachelorette trip to her credit card to make things easier. She was careful to block any additional charges that could be made while they were on vacation and figured that would keep things from getting messy. But lo and behold, while on the trip the bride tried to take advantage to order drinks for the group on her friend's card. Instead of feeling bad that she was caught trying to get her friend to foot another bill, the bride was put off when her bridesmaid told her that she wasn't going to let her make charges on her card. 

  • The drama started after the bridesmaid booked the trip for everyone on her card with the plan being that the bridal party would pay her back.

    Splitting the bill is always tricky, but anyone who's tried to do it on a group vacation knows that it's dang near impossible to split the bill in a way that makes everyone happy. That's probably why the bridesmaid who wrote in to Reddit thought it was OK to let everyone charge their rooms and travel fare for her friend's bachelorette trip on her credit card and pay her back later. 

    However, just to "cover my butt," the woman wrote that she put a block on her card at the front desk once they arrived so no additional charges could be tacked onto her final bill during the trip. "Not even thinking that anyone would try but you never know," she wrote.

    "Literally two hours later we all go to the pool," she continued. "Everyone takes their wallets except Bride. We told bride she should but she said she didn’t need it." But that would prove to be far from the truth.

    Instead, the bride saw that other groups were ordering "big drink buckets that have like 10 drinks in them" and decided to mosey over and get one for the group. 

    "She comes back and says to me 'they won’t let me charge drinks to the room because they said you blocked room charges,'" the bridesmaid explained. "'I said “well yeah it’s my credit card...'"

    The bride told her that if she just signed for the bucket they would pay her back, but the bridesmaid wasn't convinced.

    “No, you didn’t ask first, I’m not okay with you trying to charge drinks to my credit card without asking," she shot back. "I’ll give you cash for my one drink but I’m not signing for all 10.” 

    A few of the bride's friends "overhear this and quickly bring out cash so we can together pay for this bucket of drinks," the Original Poster continued. "Except one of her friends who says 'we would have just paid you back."' But the bridesmaid reiterated that it was not OK to charge her card without asking first.

    "This totally ruined my friendship with her and I don’t even think she understands why," she concluded.

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  • Most people agreed that the bride was trying to pull a fast one.

    "She knew exactly what she was doing and she was embarrassed when she got caught," one person wrote in the comments. "Absolute trash."

    Someone else added that the Original Poster had played the whole thing right. "Been to several bachelor parties where everything was charged to my card and I was paid in cash...always, always put a block on it for that exact same reason," the commenter wrote.

    "Yup the second the bride didn't take her wallet it's obvious what she was up to," chimed in a third person. "[To be honest] I don't care if you are the bride or if it's your birthday or whatever the event you bring your wallet with you. Even if other people are likely to treat you still you bring your wallet just in case you gotta pay for something. The bride conveniently not bringing hers and then getting pissy you blocked the card says it all."

  • A few people, however, thought the bridesmaid was making a big stink over nothing.

    "Meh, I've never been in this situation, but I can't possibly imagine telling my boy who's about to get married 'I'm not paying for your drink because you didn't ask,'" one commenter wrote. "Who gives an (expletive)? Buy the drinks. A bucket of drinks is what, $50? Maybe $100?

    And I don't see it as 'sneaky' when she announced she didn't bring money and it's kind of assumed that the guest of honor won't be paying."

    "You wouldn't pay for a round, then you feel entitled enough to make a post?" another person wrote. "I'd say you're both (expletives) here."

    Someone else wrote that the OP needed to trust her friends a little more. "[I don't know] I’d be put off by this if I were your friend. I trust my friends, and my friends trust me," the person commented. "We have a standing agreement of 'cover me and I’ll pay you back' We use it all the time and always pay each other back. If one of my friends refused to spot me (assuming they could afford to), I'd be hurt, it would feel like they didn’t trust me. Wouldn’t ruin the friendship but I’d be like, (expletive) I guess we weren’t as close as I thought."

    But the OP wasn't taking the criticism lying down. She later wrote that "If she would have brought her wallet and went to buy the drinks herself I think we all would have stopped her and treated her," she wrote. "But to feel entitled to free things on your friends expense without asking is garbage."